Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UGG boots

Recently, I have been looking out for shoes or footwear to buy as my current pair of shoes is wearing out. Normally I will go for hiking type of shoes or just normal sport shoes as I am just wearing them for class or for outings with friends. I am not a person that will look into fashion or style because I am a student and I still can go after fashion or style after my graduation, which is half a year from now!

However, as I was chatting with some friends the other day, somehow they convinced me to start looking into fashion and making me look better. Out of the blue, they suggested ugg boots! At first, I was curious what did they mean by ugg as I have never heard of the term before. But after some explanation from them, I started to understand what they meant. Surprisingly, I started to consider their consideration as I find the boots quite presentable and elegant as well!

So I went online and did some shopping. To my surprise, I found out about the ugg boots sale by UGG Mall Australia with 50%-70% off! That’s quite a good deal and they offer very good and eye-capturing boots design. I think will go for Genuine UGG Classis Cardy Boots in Oatmeal! How about you then?

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