Sunday, March 27, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Another Harry Potter movie was out earlier. This time, the movie was divided into 2 parts directed by David Yates, written by Steve Kloves and based on the novel of the same name by J.K Rowling. I guess the special part of this movie was the two parts that the director intentionally planned.

The movie depicted the last chapter of the Harry Potter stories. This time, Voldemort came back with more power and allies to murder Harry in order to use Harry’s blood to regain his full strength. In order to prevent Voldemort from fulfilling his evil wish, almost the whole wizard world rose against him to help Harry to find the solution to defeat Voldemort for good. Throughout the journey, a lot of truths were revealed and plenty of doubts were clarified. Nevertheless, the first part did not tell the full story and the readers had to wait for the second part of the movie in order to comprehend the full story. What is the ending of the story? That is for us to find out in July 2011. For those who missed the first part in the cinema, try to get the DVD before watching the second part, or else you will be quite lost while watching the last part of the movie.

Food for thought

I guess the loyalty and selflessness of Severus Snape in this movie impressed me a lot. IN the effort of bringing down the evil lord Voldemort, he sacrificed his life and also his reputation by becoming a spy in Voldemort’s camp. When everyone else was accusing him, he persevered on with his duty risking his life so that one day the evil forces could be wiped out from the world.

Living in this world that focuses so much on reputation and status, that kind of noble and action is rarely found. I suppose most of the people would rather die for good reputation than die of no reputation. In the process, it was bad that a lot chose the deviated path in order to gain their so called “prestigious” reputation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chopper chopper

I was back on land on Monday, and rested in my hometown for 3 days.

Chopper chopper bring me home!

yay, here we are, one step closer to land. LOL.

in 3 more hours time, I am flying again back to KL! I don't want to leave! hahahaa......see you guys in KL. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I am number 4" movie review

A friend started calling me movies fanatic after my university years because of my so called "passion" for movies in the cinemas. I didn't think it was something offensive or demeaning, but until my manager mentioned a saying that goes like this, " You could do some self learning on the weekends to improve yourself, instead of doing something useless like, watching movies.".

ouch. that hurts. But then of course, he wasn't referring to me at that time as he was just talking to a big group of us. :)

Nevertheless, I still watched a movie before I was called up to the offshore. :P I am that stubborn huh? who says habits can be changed overnight? LOL.

This time around, I watched "I am Number Four" by DJ Caruso, starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant and Dianna Agron.

The movie is about a group of aliens gifted with special abilities hiding among the humans in order to wait for the days to revive their lost planet, Lorien. All these aliens had the human appearances and they were 9 of them and each of them were protected by their guardians against Morgadorians, the evil forces that destroyed their planet.

Of course, the evil forces found them and because of a charm on the gifted aliens, they could only be killed in sequence according to their numbers. John Smith was the fourth after three before him had been killed. He was believed to be the strongest among the 9. So the story of discovering his gift and his journey of fighting against the evil aliens began.

Food for thought
It's a science fiction movie, which is something I like when I was in high school and early years of university. But as I grow older (ahem...), I think I prefer some other types of movies.

Anyway, in the movie, something that worth a thought was the phrase that John's guardian Henri mentioned before he died. He said, "You have no idea what you are capable of." I think from time to time, we need to be reminded of what we are worth, how much potentials that we could have if we could believe in ourselves more and don't lose faith. With the world revolving around us so fast, and so many unhappy things happening around us all the time, most of the time we tend to degrade ourselves and fall into the thinking that "nah, I am not that capable, forget about it. "

Like someone i know said the other day, "It is not stupid to make mistakes, but it is stupid to make the same mistake over and over again." I have to agree with that, it is fine to fall down once in a while, but remember to stand back up and don't stumble at the same spot every time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surrounded by sea

During the Japan 8.9 earthquake few days ago, I was still on the rig. Even though we were at the South China Sea, we could feel the effect as well. That night, the sea was very rough, and the waves were higher than usual. Due to the big storm and also big waves, we had to slow the operation down.

Nevertheless, we were alright and everything went back to normal after few hours but not the Japanese crew onboard. Some of them couldn't contact their families, and the captain couldn't contact some of the crews that were having vacation at home in Japan.

But thank God after one day or two, all of them managed to contact everyone. :) Now we are just hoping things will be fine for Japan after all the explosions and aftershocks happening even until this moment.

Well, with that, let's see some pictures from the rig. :)

sun set...beautiful eh? haha...

the borderless deep blue sea..

the lone ranger

ah, night time is coming. but the operation never stops.

time to go bed? :) looks nice? it's really comfortable with the cooling air cond! :)

*yawn*...I have just started my shift. long night ahead! :) Good night everyone. hehe..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Offshore again

Seems like there's no rest for me, after the training I was called again to the offshore for job. But something to thank God for, that I was able to be back in Miri to spend some time with family and friends before flying off to the rig.

And this time, i brought along a camera! :)

another production platform nearby...other than that, deep blue sea...

see any whales or dolphins? mermaids perhaps? :)

Hope I can post more photos soon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Engineering Training

I have just come back from the engineering training in Batam. Even though intensive, it was a fruitful training. I guess after this, most of us would have a better idea of what's going on on the rigs and what we need to do by then.

Of course, thank God for the opportunity that I was able to participate in this training even though I have just joined the company not long ago.

class going on

me during the final project presentation. cool? :P

group members, stood still and ready for all the shootings and bombings (questions and answers). haha...

who is the cool guy? lol.

a group photo for memory. notice the wires on the table...too much? hahhaa....

Thanks guys and girls for the great discussions and sharing of knowledge! Let's do our best for the future!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Golden Prawn Restaurant, Batam

After 4 months, I am back in Batam, Indonesia again for another training. This time was an engineering training and it wasn't as relaxing as before. So during the weekend, all the engineers took a break and enjoyed ourselves at one of the famous seafood restaurants, Golden Prawn Restaurant in Batam. :)

Welcome to Golden Prawn.

whole bunch of us. the boss must be thrilled with the money coming in that night. lol.

BBQ fish. looks burnt, but tasted quite ok. :)

another fish. wait, the fish was looking at me? -.-

soft shell baby crabs.

deep fried seawater prawns

fried baby kailan (a type of vegetable)

mixed vegetables (chap cai)

fried squid

shell fish

happy crowd. guess how many countries they are inside the pic? and...can you find where I am? :P

Thank God for great dinner and good companions. Hope we will stay in touch after the course! see you all on the rigs! haha...