Friday, July 30, 2010

Chen's Ancestral Lineage Hall (Chen Jia Ci)

Chen Jia Ci is an ancestral shrine, a Confucian school and a place for commerce for Chen's clan. It is located in GuangZhou. To get there, you can take Metro Line 1 to ChenJiaCi station or you can take bus 85 or 104 to get there when you are in GuangZhou. :)

it's a nice place to see though, especially when you are interested in the old and ancient culture or buildings. :) The admission fee is 10 yuan.

the cravings on the wall, amazing huh?

the entrace to the Chen Clan's Academy

there's an artist in one of the exhibition rooms, he draws using his palm! amazing.

some snap shot from inside one of the study rooms.

yeap, that's me. I am not from Chen's clan, I am from Houng's clan. ahhahahhaha...

to be continued.

Health talk

When age is catching up, there are always a lot of things about our health that we really need to look into. Even though for people like me that are still in our twenties, it is always a wise move to take care of our health starting from now.

One of the most important things that we can do is to control our diet. What we eat and how much we eat will bring a great effect to our body. There is one saying sounds like this, “For breakfast, eat like a king; for lunch, eat like a middle class man; for dinner, eat like a beggar.” Of course, what we eat also matters. According to the doctors, eating in balance of everything is really important. For example we need right portion of vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein and so on. It sounds like a lot of things we need to look into? Sometimes, it is so much better to call for meal delivery service that will take care of everything for us. I wonder do they have healthy food delivery service.

For me personally, I would appreciate diet meal delivery to my house everyday so that I no need to worry so much about my diet. But I think besides all the diet, I will need to do some exercise too! So, what’s your plan for taking care of your health?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Delicacies from Guilin!

During one of the days, we were searching for our brunch for the day. We had eaten in most of the restaurants around our hotel already except this small little noodles restaurant. The signboard said the delicacies are from Guilin, so we decided to go in and give it a try.

and here we go!

the Guilin noodles with egg, cost around 12 yuan (RM6)

Guilin noodles with pork ribs, also cost 12 yuan (RM6). I don't know why the egg is the same price as the pork ribs. haha....

and finally, "mei chai kou rou" (sour vege with pork), it's quite nice! cost around 20 yuan (RM10). :)

i would say the noodles are very special. my sister couldn't finish it because of the smell, but i finished all and i think is kinda acceptable. haha...the smell is like some soury fermented smell, but when you eat it, they actually taste ok and very appetizing. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dim Sum in GuangZhou

We heard that Dim Sum in GuangZhou is very famous, so decided to give it a try.

As we were walking around Tee Mall (Around "Ti Yu Xi Lu" station if you are taking Metro), we found this very nice dim sum shop at the top floor. so we went in.



Total cost around 100 yuan (around RM50). cheap?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quoizel Lighting

I have just moved to a place recently due to my new job. As I have just started working, so I thought I would just find a simple room to settle down for at least the next few months.

It was such a blessing that I came across this old couple that was willing to rent out one of their rooms to me. The house is located very near to the train station, which makes my travelling to work every day a convenient task. Besides, the house is near to almost everywhere such as banks, shopping malls, hawker stalls, restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

The most important thing is the landlord is very generous and nice. When I just moved in, he cleaned the room for me and even offered to change the new light bulb for me. Then, he fixed a lamp that I guessed he found from Quoizel lighting outside my room so that I can see at night when I come out for toilet. I am so blessed!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Japan Trip

And yea, we went to the Japanese Garden in the Window of the World. It's actually located at the southwest part of the theme park.

Japanese Fish Flags (Koinobori)

part of the garden, the flower is of course fake one. hahaha...

the bridge over the lake. so nice right?

Itsukushima Shrine(the grand gate)

some well...forgot the name of it already..

there's some performance at the Shirasagi Castle in Himeji there. it's the traditional dance, with traditional customs....:)

the whole garden...very tranquil, serene...:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lunch in ShenZhen

Before continuing about the trip to Japan, let's have a look of the meals we had in ShenZhen.

During one of the wonderful days, during the lunch hour....

we ordered the seaweed soup with pork rips....

duck meat with salted eggs

not sure what vege is this, but tasted ok. was never found in Malaysia before...

the steamed rice! special huh?

some fresh water fish, was super popular in Miri, Sarawak but was super expensive in China! lol..

seawater prawns! nice

nice lunch! total costed us around 100 yuan. So it's around RM50. :) for 5 people, that's cheap right? :D

Edinburgh Trip

It has been my goal and dream ever since high school to visit the United Kingdom. At first I wanted to study Cybergenetics in University of Reading. But due to financial constraints I had to give up my hope and did my degree in Malaysia.

However, as I am working now, I wish to save the money and visit the nice place on earth by this year! The first place i would like to drop by i think will be the Capital City of Scotland, Edinburgh. If you ask me why, I would say I like the tranquility of the city despite the fact that it is a big city by itself.

I would like to see the Old Town of Edinburgh and also the Royal Mile. For edinburgh accomodation, most probably I will go for the apartment. I heard Edinburgh apartment accommodation is relatively cheaper compared to renting any hotels or motels. Besides, if I am going there, i will stay for at least one month or two in order to experience the life in Edinburgh fully. So, I think i will go for serviced apartments Edinburgh.

During my stay there, I really wish to join the Edinburgh Fringe and also the Edinburgh International Science Festival. I am sure it's going to be a lot of fun. On top of that, I would like to visit places like Leith, the south side and also the New Town of Edinburgh. I am so looking forward to the trip!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Window of the World, ShenZhen(cont 2)

After Europe, we went to the United States, visiting all the places I hoped to go looooonng time ago. But too bad I can't Rocky Mountains or Denver Blue bear. hehe...It's ok though, I had been there for real last time. please see here. hehe....

the desert?

New York City

the path leading to....

The United States Capital

Washington Monument.

the White House

US presidents carved on the hill, Mount Rushmore

well, the tour to US was not bad, if can go there personally will be better. looking forward to that day ya? :) before that, let's go to Japan first!

to be continued....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Window of the World, ShenZhen (cont)

Continuing from the first post of Window of the World, we continued our journey in the theme park. :)

The Statues of Easter Island, Chile. Behind is the Linear Drawings at Nasca, Peru.

Vatican City. :)

at the Versailles Palace, France. the handsome guy is not displayed there, you need to find in Malaysia to see him. :)

ah! little statues. front of the Natre-Dame De Paris.

Natre-Dame De Paris, France, one of the famous Gothic cathedrals.

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt. :)

Kenya National Park, so many animals huh? maybe should really go there one day, to be swarmed by overwhelming crowd of animals. LOL.

one of the dwelling houses of African Inhabitants in Africa of course. :)

inside the Egypt Pyramid. :)

again, to be continued! hehe...

Car Accessories

5 years have passed without anyone realizing it. Soon, all of my university friends including me myself are going to start working. Entering the working life, there are plenty of responsibilities for us to pick up.

I believe one of them is to purchase all the necessary things such as houses or cars in order for us to have a comfortable place to reside as well as a transport to travel around. Even before getting a job, few of my friends had already been discussing on which cars to buy. Some opted for first hand while some insisted on second hand car considering the rate of value depreciation for cars.

Besides that, one of the topics that always popped out was the car accessories. As some of my friends are crazy about cars, especially modified cars, they would like to find affordable accessories for them to decorate their cars. We searched around the town and also the country, but we barely found any satisfactory offers. Until one day, while searching online for chrome rims, one of us came across this website which really fascinated a lot of us! They offer so much choices and yet with affordable price! I guess we will stick to the website for quite some time until they run out of stock!

So, for those car lovers, you might really want to check this out! All the best!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Window of the World, ShenZhen

We didn't go to Paris, but we did take pictures in front of Eiffel Tower and other famous places, just that they are scaled down imitations. :P

The place is called the Window of the World. It's a theme park that gathers all the famous places of the world from 43 countries. Inside the theme park, you will see scaled down imitations of the buildings. So after touring around the theme park, you will feel like you have toured around the world! hahahha...

Window of the World is located in ShenZhen, China. You can get to the theme park by all means of transport, taxi, rented car, buses or trains. My Family and I took the Metro ( the train) to the place. The name of the metro station is called "Window of the World", so it's very easy to recognize. The fare is from 2 yuan to 5 yuan, depending on your departing location. Once you come out from the station, you will see the theme park entrance in front of you already. In fact, the station itself is a scaled down imitation of Le Grand Louvre, the glass Pyramid in Paris. :)

exiting the train station. can you see the inside of the glass pyramid? :)

the entrance of the Window of the World. :)

the train station aka Le Grand Louvre miniature.

The Eiffel Tower. you can see the mandarin word of Window of the World on there. :)

owh, we went to Holland too! hehe...

the St. Mark's square in Italy...

Alcazar Castle, Spain

inside St Mark's square...

Cologne Cathedral, Germany

some garden, don't really remember where is it already..hahaa...i think is Versailles Palace, Spain. :)

to be continued....:D