Thursday, October 27, 2011

Johnny English Reborn Movie Review

Another week, another show. This time around, my friend and I opted for Johnny English Reborn, acted by our beloved Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson). haha...

As expected, the movie is hilarious, especially the part when Johnny English tried to adjust the chair and ended up with super funny stunts, by accident of course. I guess the most funny part about Johnny English was most of the pranks/jokes were done without intention, and most of them happened by accidents. LOL.

The movie was about a retired agent (Johnny English) being asked to complete an assignment, which resulted in revealing a big conspiracy that was related to the humiliating assignment that caused him to be "retired" 5 years ago. Well, as usual, it is for you to find out what's the conspiracy. :D Have fun watching! and have a good laugh!

Food for thought
Things are not always as what they appear to be. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real Steel Movie Review

It was 13 Oct, 2011 and it was the release of the movie "Real Steel". Guess what? I was there during the first day of the movie release in Malaysia! Real Steel was a futuristic scientific movie starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo, directed by Shawn Levy. 

The movie is about an ex boxer, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), who had a great passion in boxing but got frustrated and addicted when boxing was replaced by Boxing among the Robots. Because of his addiction to getting robots to win in the boxing games, he was in debt and even got separated from his son Max Kenton when Max was born.

When Max's mother passed away, Charlie "sold" him away to Max's aunt, who wanted to have Max as her own child. But because the aunt and the husband had to go away for a vacation, Max was sent to Charlie for few weeks. And the story of the long lost father and son began.

Throughout the journey, Max brought back the boxing passion in Charlie. Max also discovered his own talent in controlling and modifying robots for combat. Both of them made a great team. With a modified Gen-2 training robot that they discovered accidentally in a junkyard, they managed to enter World Boxing Robot league and eventually fighting against the defending champion robot Zeus. Did they win in the end? That's for you to find out. :)

Food for thought
Sometimes we don't need to do a lot of great things for our loved ones, they might just want to know that we are fighting for them or being on their side. We don't need a lot to show our appreciation to the people that are precious to us.