Monday, November 30, 2009

Back Home

hehe...reached Miri around 10pm last night. :) thank God for the safe journey. Finally back home after around 11 months. hehe...

Now I just realised Miri has free wifi all over the city, phew, that's quite advanced! Behind my house there's one Wifi tower, later will go and take a pic of it. cool...till then, gotta go for a while, will continue my blogging rally afterwards maybe tonight as now is precious time with family! hehe....

See ya!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going Home soon!

Hello people, sorry for not updating my blog these few days as I am preparing and packing to go back home! hehe....

Currently I am in KL, staying at my friend's place. My flight is tomorrow night, can't wait for it! hehe...I haven't been home since January 2009, almost a year by now. haha...

my house, home sweet home. :)

So, will update on my trip to Genting once I got back, stay tuned! hehe...Happy Holidays! :D

Anyone is into Camaro?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

More food again!

I went down to Ipoh the other night to send some of my friends to the bus station. While on the way, we stopped by a food court to take our dinner.

i took the "Thunder Tea", it's a hakka food. RM3.50 per bowl, super cheap. :D

this is the "thunder tea" that is used to eat with the rice and some ingredients. So minty right? all vege only....taste quite nice! (i know someone in overseas is puking now...the italy boy i think. :D)

the claypot chicken rice my friend took. RM3.80. hehe....not bad as well, a lot of ingredients inside...

some of my other friends ordered pork leg soup (not the vinegar pork leg soup), RM6 per bowl....

then after eating, I was not full enough so i bought a "tai pao"(big pao), RM3 per pao. haha...quite big

the fillings...see the mushroom? nice right?taste nicer...hehe...

this is the food court we went to, it's nearby menglembu there. if you take the farlim road to ipoh from lumut, you will passby this place. :) quite good place, the special thing is the drinks stall the workers use PDA to take orders, advanced o not?? :D

Prices to win during the holidays!

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There's one saying that sounds like this :"Friends come and go, leaving nothing behind but footprints in our hearts.". Indeed somehow, what we do, what we say, or how we react to certain situations can leave certain impact aka footprints in our friends' heart.

Sometime i wonder, what kind of footprints i leave behind for people? is it smeared and scarred ones or complete and encouraging ones? :D

left? or right?

How about you then? what kind of foot prints you leave behind to the people around you? is it like the left side of the pic above? the complete and encouraging ones? or the right side? the smeared and incomplete and scarred ones?

just some random thoughts though. :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Faster Internet Speed!

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Birthday + post exam outing

It was after exam (even though mine finished long time ago), and my friends suddenly invited to go ipoh for the night, and also to celebrate their birthdays. :)

So, we went to buy some cakes from Secret Recipe, the we proceeded to Yeolde English, Ipoh. This time around, I was the one giving directions on how to go. It was my first time knowing how to get around in Ipoh, so proud. LOL.

secret recipe cakes. friend said it's a tradition to eat cake during birthdays, so that can grow tall, no idea where he got that from. lol.

High Fiber cake from Secret Recipe, RM7.50.

We bought other types of cakes as well, just that didn't really get the chance to capture good pics, so didn't post up there. After that, we went to Yeolde English, a western restaurant. It's behind Jusco Ipoh. :D

the Yeolde Float I ordered, RM5.50(i think is this price, hope i didn't remember wrongly).

one of the birthday boys, Mr Kah Kheng (KK) posing. haha....

another birthday boy, Mr Ching Shearn (we all call him pangkor cause he came from pangkor island. LOL) with his chicken. It was one whole chicken, he ate untill quite tired in the end. haha..

the Chef Chicken I ordered, RM13.90. :D quite nice, quite full also.

The happy two friends, on the left is Chong. :)

Yeolde English, quite a nice place. :) recommended. hehe...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving house?

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UTP Lake

haha...yea, UTP lakes are very nice, suitable for dating and sports as well. As much as I want to go the first one, so far I am only qualified for sports-jogging there because no one wants me yet, so still single. :)

Anyway, here are some pics. hehe...

some workout facilities. :)

the lake, the white building in the middle is to store canoes. So the students or the staff can actually kayak at the lake. :)

ok, this is another pic for those who are finding places to date. this is a very good spot. :)

ok, will post more in the future about the sceneries of my university. hehe...stay tuned. :D

Holidays Getaway

The good news of the year is the month of December is coming, which means the holidays season is coming! Do you have plans for your holidays? Are you going out to travel or watch some shows with your friends and family?

Since young I have never been to any circus before, and I always wanted to go for a circus performance whenever I have the chance. Recently, as I was searching through online, I found the information about Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets. The Ringling Brothers Circus is in town! I hope I can go this time. For those circus fan like me, do check out on the schedule and tickets available!

Besides, there are Barbra Streisand tickets and David Copperfield Tickets available as well. They are performing throughout the holidays season. I love magic shows and Barbra is going to be awesome as well. I better get going to inform my friends about these tickets available so that we can plan something out of it. I need to be fast before all the tickets sold out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

By the lake

I went to take some photos around the lake of UTP the other day. Here's some pictures to share with you (two only actually, the rest not yet edit. hehe..)

the bench a bit lonely eh? :D's a good place to cool down and relax. The place is very peaceful and tranquil. :)

hehe...will post more after i edit the pics ya, will find some time. :D

Favourite Dish

I was at the Sushi King the other day. While ordering, my friend suddenly asked, "why do you always order that dish geh? you like to eat that huh?".

I was stunned for a while, then slowly recalled, yea, I always order this dish or related dish whenever I was in Japanese Restaurant., what is it?

Unagi Sushi/ Eel Sushi, RM 5 per plate.

The best was this:

the Japanese Rice

With fried Eel/Unagi. I order Unagi set and it cost me RM19.90. :D

Hehe...kinda weird huh? i understand from my friend that a lot of people don't really like Unagi, as opposite of me. I just like it, don't know why. There's no need for a reason to like someone something right? :D

Coffee Tables

I never know there are so many types of coffee tables before I actually researched about them. All this while, I only know the coffee tables are used to support our drinks, especially the coffee, thus the name. For me, coffee tables are just small tables, either round or rectangular shaped, that can be seen in front of the sofa in the living rooms.

But then, as I read on, I realised the coffee tables are also called cocktail tables, and they are not only used to support beverages, they can be used to store magazines, books, coasters and even for people to put their feet. Sometimes, some of the customers also incorporate cabinets for storage purposes.

Besides, there are many types of coffee tables such as lift top coffee tables, trunk coffee tables and also calypso tables. These tables are not only used for storage or support beverages, they are very important in the interior design of the house as well. The theme of the house the owner wish to portray will be determined by what type of coffee tables he or she put in the living room. So, what does your house look like? What kind of feeling your living room portrays to the visitors or guests? Perhaps the best way will be to start from the coffee tables in your living room today. All the best!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sushi King

hehe....As I have mentioned, I am a free man for now, at least for a week because I have finished my final exam!, it was a time for me to relax and have fun!

Yesterday, at night, after taking photos at the lake side, i went to Ipoh for dinner, movie and supper! hehe...for dinner, we went to Sushi King. It was my first time in Sushi King, and the food was quite nice!

green tea for the night.

raw salmon sushi, RM4 per plate.

Unagi/Eel Sushi, Rm4 per plate.

Take, octopus, Rm6 per plate. =.= i didn't know octopus was that expensive.

Fry set, Rm16.90 per set. all the fried seafood and vegetables served with egg custard. quite tasty. :)

the fried seafood and vegetables.

this one is the fish eggs sushi(Ebikko). Rm5 per plate.

Okonomiyaki, Japanese Seafood Pancake, Rm5.90 per plate. hehe...quite nice, the fried butter on top are very crunchy and yummy. hehe...the pancake is very tasty as well, very rich in taste. :)

Shishamo, the grilled capelin, Rm5.90.

the special thing about Shishamo is the fish is pregnant with eggs when they are fried.'s the eggs inside them... :) cruel huh? but nice...LOL.

hehe...nice right? we ate until so full. The price was worth it i guess. hehe....hope to go again. Sushi anyone? :D

Be wise

I have not been to Genting Highlands even though I have been in west Malaysia for more than 4 years for my studies. The highlands are the centre of entertainment where they have the famous theme park and also the only casino in Malaysia. During the holidays, the highlands will be filled with people whether they are going there for the theme park or the casino.

According to my friends, even during normal days, the casino will be full of people as well. I am not sure what is so good about going to the casino, but I guess most people go there just to try out their luck. However, if one cannot control himself fully, greed can consume him and luck might end up becoming disaster.

Nevertheless, nowadays it’s getting popular to play casinos online. People can just stay at their homes at their comfort and still be able to enjoy the excitement when one is at the casino. I believe mostly people wish to win some cash or some fortune when they are at casino. So, now with the online casinos people can save the hassle to travel to casinos and yet still experience the same effect as when a person is at the real casino.

Normally the online casinos will use casino bonuses to operate. Some of the casino bonuses will take months to clear because of wager requirements, while some of the websites provide bonuses that are easy to be cleared. Actually then, how much is a casino bonus worth? If you are interested to know, do visit the website and know more. They even teach you how to count and provide some real case scenarios to help you to understand well.

The website also talks about the gambling mistakes that normally people would commit and also some simple tips to learn how to play the games available in the casinos. From the website, I also realise there are actually several types of casino games which are available for both women and men. That is something interesting and new to me.

Besides, the online casino proudly brings you the valuable information regarding the casinos and also the games available in the casinos. As it is said, it is good to be well prepared in everything we do. So, why don’t just search up all the information available and equip yourself with all the knowledge before you really try things out, especially if you are relatively new to this kind of thing. You may just know it for the knowledge without applying it, because any form of knowledge is still a knowledge in the end right?

Supper for the night

After the movie in Ipoh yesterday, we went for some supper at the Tong Sui Kai. hehe...

the egg tea...RM1.20+

Ice Kacang, RM2.80

we took the century egg and fish slices porridge as well, it costed us RM3.50 but I didn't manage to take any pictures cause was too attracted by the food. So, eat first lo....then forgot to take pics. :D

So far I have posted about the movie, and the supper, how about the dinner? hehhee....stay tuned for the coming posts ya, will blog about it. It's very special. :D

Heatlh Quote

hi there, just to share about UnitedHealthOne Application. It's an online service that will help you to get your health insurance quote online. Cool huh?

4th Kind

I went to Ipoh after my exam yesterday, thought of watching the heat movie of the year-2012. But then, when we arrived, this was what we saw.

ALL FULL??!!! man, the movie was released one week ago and until today it's still full as all six slots full? wow....

Being desperate for movies (since came all the way already, might as well catch a movie and go back), so we opted for "4th Kind".

The movie was generally ok, they claimed to be based on actual case and trying to convince the audience the existence of aliens. But the thing that i don't really understand about these movies was, why they always claim that the aliens always come with bad intentions rather than trying to establish a contact with humans? For me, i won't deny the existence of extra terrestrials beings as the universe is so big. If God really wants to create some, He doesn't really need to let us know anyway, because....what for? what are we going to do with the information? contact them? Are we capable of doing so then? haha....just some thoughts after the show. huhu.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas shopping!

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It’s going to be Christmas again in one month time! It is the wonderful and joyous season of the year! I always anticipate this season to come, not only it is just a holiday, but also the season for presents and celebrations. When we talk about presents, of course it means a lot of shopping for new things, and also sales!

However, there’s something I don’t really like about the holiday as well, which is the shopping malls and other public places will be always packed with people. This has been one of the reasons why my family and I would always prefer not to go out and just stay at home. But then, as the Christmas is coming, we need to get some stuff for the coming celebration, so how are we getting our things if we don’t step out of our house?


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Finished Final Exams!

YES! As the title implied, I have finished my final exams and I am a free man!!! at least for few days though, huhu....soon will need to start to work my final year project then. :D

no more books and exams for at least a week? hehe....

ok, getting back to my anime time. DND pls! hehe....just joking. :D

Journey Ahead

It's a long journey ahead, persevere and always have faith, and hope! and we learn along the way! All the best to you know who you are. Be strong and courageous. :D

the journey is tough and long, but the rewards are great!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving somewhere?

I still remember it was a great headache for my mother when we first moved from a small town to big city. There were just so much legal documents to be settled. When we got our old home sold, we did not have our binding contract and the buyer changed the price twice. Due to in need of cash for new home at the new place, my mother accepted the bargain for lower price.

I was fifteen years old back then, I was not informed about the Conveyancing Procedure, and neither did my mother. However, as I grew up, I learned about the importance of having a reliable legal company or representative that deal with the contracts when comes to property transfer or home moving. As one of my friends said, let the specialists do their thing, they are trained for that. So it’s better to have someone who is familiar and experienced to handle the legal stuff.

Nevertheless, it is quite hard as well to get Cheap Conveyancing Services as well nowadays especially if you have none of these companies available in your city or housing area. It can cost quite a fortune if you were to hire a well known firm to do the conveyancing for you; especially those who are very well established companies.

So as I am graduating and going to work in other places, my mother decided to follow me around as she is a bit worried about me. So, we are moving again. This time around, we learned from the previous experience thus starting to find for a property solicitor before getting any offers or buying any new houses. It was not easy though, but I managed to find some good deals online especially from this company Moveme. The Conveyancing Quote that they gave was really attractive and I think I might go for it! How about you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have just finished one paper today. Feeling bored and tired, I decided to give myself a break. hehe...So i went through all my photos again and found these. hehe...very random photos, no special meaning but somehow i just like the colour combination. hehe.... :D

taken during the Lego exhibition in KLCC. the Colosseum of Rome, Italy (Looks more complete than the real one?)

some Lego structure...:) of a mosque i think..

flowers and fountain, taken at the Curve, KL.

billiard balls

taken in the National Geographic museum in Singapore.

lamp post at KLCC park. :D

haha...that's all. very random post. huhu....alright, i should get back to studies. hehe...take care!