Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wandering around Penang Town

While wandering around to look for the murals and food, I managed to snap some pics of different parts in Penang too. I would say there are a lot of history and preserved inheritance around in Penang.

Haven't seen this kind of house design for a long time. :)

Knock knock

Opps...closed on Sunday. haha.. many gates do you need?

the dog and the door

kites!I wonder if they come with the glass string. haha..

I think this is the must visit place, the 14 Living Story shop. A lot of wonderful souvenirs inside. :D

The uncle playing special instrument (I have no idea what it is) outside the 14 Living Story shop.

I remember my grandma used to knit one of those for me when I was young and I have no idea where it is now. lol..

where is it leading to? For once I thought I was somewhere in China.

The door gods..

Special indoor design, reminded me of the old house I used to stay in when I was a little boy.

Chinese New Year is around the corner, isn't it?

Wish that person is always safe and sound. :) and happy. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Penang Murals

It was again a spontaneous trip to Penang (I then realized most of my trips are spontaneous and without much planning. LOL). My friends just suggested "Let's go for two days trip to Penang! We shall drive!" and there we went. The first thing we did when we arrived in Penang was of course to eat. haha...but after that, we focused on finding the wall murals that many people talked about. 

"Reaching up"

"Big bully trying to scare away kids" 

  "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur"

"Boy on a bike" 

I think this is from a different artist, but I find the drawing quite interesting and meaningful. It says "Our art is dying"

me and "Children on a boat" (I can't do anything with it as it was by the water. LOL)

It was a fun trip as we explored around to find all the drawings which where located at different parts of the town. There were still some murals that we didn't manage to find as we were too tired and hungry so decided to call it a day. haha...But yeah, it was great fun!

Working Life

As a field engineer working at the side is a good way to gain hands-on experience especially when there are various operations going on. Sometimes, when things go wrong, that would be the best time to learn the most despite all the yelling and scolding. Nonetheless, no one ever says learning is a pleasant process right?

However, when there’s nothing going on and you are done with all the paper work, boredom will set in very quickly without you realizing how to react to it. At this time, most of the guys will bring out their movies to watch, some take out their books and there are also some of them starting up their computer games to play. But recently, I met one of the colleagues that uses the time to check on his own investments through online Forex or virtual stock exchange machine. He did not have very aggressive investments but mostly quite passive investments, which is a good thing as working in this field simply means you don’t have fixed time for yourself. So the way he does it is very beneficial as he does not need a lot of time to monitor his investments and I always think it is good for someone to have certain investments besides hardcore savings on daily basis.

Probably I should start to learn from him, and manage most of my investments online!