Sunday, July 29, 2012

Having Disappeared....

First of all I know it has been super long that I last touched this blog.I was away, travelling for work, also been on the rigs on and off. The new job is taking away a lot of my "free time" but I am glad that I am learning and of course "earning" as well. LOL...Hopefully I will have much more consistent time in updating this blog bit by bit.

Here's some long dued photos that I took in Houston.

the city downtown, quite far away and I took it from the highway. looks great from here, but it is actually quite quiet at night. I only passed by at night to visit some restaurants, and I don't really see many pedestrians or shoppers like what we always see in Bukit Bintang area. It was just...quiet. :) 

San Jacinto Monument. Probably an hour and half drive away from the down town area. A very historical place to visit, great place of interest for those history lovers and also photographers. :)

That's me, smilling. It was said that the monument is 570ft tall and is 12 ft taller than Washington DC monument.

That's the Texas Battleship, nearby the San Jacinto Monument. It cost around $10 to board the ship. But i chose to just walk around and took pictures of it. I have too much time on the water already. LOL...and oh, ignore the protruding belly please. **shy** I promise will lose that round thing. LOL...

That's all from me for now. Looking forward to next update! ( I hope soon!)