Monday, November 1, 2010

Nga Choy Gai (Chicken with Bean Sprouts)

When I was back for the convocation the other day, Aunty Claire brought my family and I to the famous Nga Choy Gai (Chicken with Bean Sprouts) in Ipoh. It's the Lou Wong (Old Wong) Nga Choy Gai.

the popular meat balls! I like them! very nice and tasty. They are elastic. hahaa...

bean sprouts

ohya, the chicken! steamed white chicken. awesome! :D

I am so hungry now. Hope to go back for more soon. hehehe...anyone wants to join?


Anonymous said...

I like Ipoh's nga choy kai. Can't seem to find good ones in KL.

eugene said...

All the best to you Gab,now that you've god

suituapui said...

The taugeh so fat...not the same as the ones here.

Gabriel said...

Mei Teng: Yea, exactly. hehe...let's go Ipoh again!

Eugene:thanks! will do. :)

STP:hahhaa...yea, that's the special thing i find about the taugeh too. LOL.