Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exciting weekend

This week has been quite hectic with 3 tests coming, plus two more projects to be completed. It really testing my endurance and agility. Nevertheless, I would say this weekend is going to be an exciting one as I am traveling down to Kluang to attend one of my seniors-Michelle and Davin's wedding. this is going to be my first time and I am really looking forward to it.

Besides, I will be one of the main photographers for them! So, wish me all the best and I hope can do well for them. Amen!


I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. Personally, I would assure you it is not a nice thing to do as it is very troublesome. So, some of my friends and elders in the family suggested me to go for LASIK surgery. For your information, Dr. Thierry Hufnagel is a well known surgeon in US. Thus, I think I will try to consult Stahl Eye Center for more details. Wish me all the best!

EDX 25

Yeap, thank God for the gold medal in Engineering Design Exhibition 25 in the university. these are the photos promised. :) hehe...

me at the booth. the four legged thingy behind is the quadruped robot for my project. :)

Mechanical Engineering Department participants and the Program Head. hehe...we won the Alumni Award. thank God! :)

me with the girls. all three of us won gold medals. :D

the three musketeers from Chung Hua winning the gold medals! go go Chung Hua! hehe...

Praise God for His blessings and faithfulness. Amen!

Contact Lens

I am a guy with spectacles. Even though a lot of people find wearing glasses something cool, I find it very troublesome especially I am going for sports. Even since high school I have been considering to wear contact lens. However, it is not easy to get cheap contact lens.

Nevertheless, recently I found out about disposable contact lens which requires less cost and I think is economical for me. If you wish to know more and compare contact lens, you can always find out from the websites available. All the best! I am getting mine soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shocking News

Came back from EDX(Engineering Design Exhibition) last thursday and got an email. It was quite shocking as I really didn't expect that. The shock continued and developed to become "freaking out" (in a good way i supposed) after the call the next day.

I thank God for everything that happens and I pray for God's wisdom on me to show me how to handle the situation and scenario. hehe... Hopefully things can be confirmed soon. :D. By the way, I won a gold medal for my project! Thank God! will post up the photos soon! hehe....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mechanical Engineering Course Dinner 2010

A few of us ( the chinese group) decided to have a dinner together as a group before we graduate from the university. We had it in Dong Hai Restaurant in Menglembu, Perak.

everyone so serious.

breaking loose...huhu....

so, which pic is nicer? serious one or relax one? hehhe....thank God for them being with me for the past 5 years. hopefully after this we will be able to gather for meals again even after we enter the working life! and, yea, more pics will be up soon! :) thank you people. :D

BBQ cookbook

Time really flies. After one month and maybe few more days, I will be sitting for my last final exam for my undergraduate studies and after that, I will be venturing into the working life already. I still remember 5 years ago I was still contemplating and worrying for my tertiary studies, applying for scholarships and all. It felt like just yesterday and now, I am at the end of it.

A lot of things happened throughout the years and I really thank God for my friends and my course mates that went through the 5 years studies with me. Hopefully in the future we will have the chance to meet and wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

As I mentioned, it is towards the end and my course mates wish to have an outing together as a batch and they proposed to go to the beach to have barbeque while having some games together. I wonder will they need a bbq cookbook to help them to prepare the food? I don’t doubt their ability to prepare the food but since it is the last time that we are going to have a barbeque session together, I guess we should give our best to it right?

Woolley Food court, Ipoh Garden South

We had these for dinner at Woolley Food Court, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh. Big thanks to Aunty Claire for the treat! hehe....

fried oysters with eggs.

delicious bean curds with minced meat and broccoli.

tilapia fish, super nice! my favourite dish! hehe...

special recipe chicken (really dunno what they cook it with, but is very nice. crunchy and sweet. hehe..)

another great dish, the soup with various ingredients as u can see from the picture. :)

long beans fried with salted eggs. hehe...i like this as well. :)

yeap, this is the stall that you can find all the delicious food above. i think the boss has the same surname as me? I am Fong (Houng) as well. hehe...wonder if i can get any discounts for it? :D

The dinner cost around RM50 for all the dishes, for 4 people. quite cheap right? :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Organic Meat online?

One can really get surprised and impressed by what is being offered online these days. Few days ago, my roommate complained to me saying that his supervisor for his Final Year project had been very mean to him that he requested my roommate to find some pictures that are almost impossible to find to be put in his poster. As my roommate was complaining and searching online, he yelled in surprise that he actually found those pictures in the internet and proclaimed that one can find almost everything in the net nowadays.

I was not very convinced since then until I found a website offering organic meat online. Yes, organic meat on the internet and you can just order them and the meat will be sent to your doorstep! Are you impressed already? I am sure soon there will be organic vegetables available online already!

Nevertheless, I am glad nowadays we can get things like organic meat on the internet. It makes our lives so much easier and we could save so much time on the roads and avoid ourselves from those miserable traffic jams. Years ago I was strongly against the abuse of the internet, but now I think it is time for me to change my mind!

chocolates from Malaysia

A friend, a brother in Christ bought a box of chocolate for me during his visit to Penang the other day. He bought it in the Chocolate Boutique in Penang, it was kinda special indeed. :)

the chestnut choc from Beryl's. According to the shop, the choc is normally exported and is not sold locally. quite interesting huh? but the taste is really fantastic. hehe...if you get to go Penang, remember to visit the place. :)

Anxiety Relief

It is my last semester in the university already and there are plenty of things for me to complete before I can get a hold of my degree during my convocation ceremony.

As it is the last semester, the graduating students will need to complete some audit and checking out procedures. At the same time, we need to deal with our final year projects which involve presentations, reports submission and also prototype fabrication. Besides, we still need to attend endless interviews for the job application process. And of course, our batch and the course mates are trying to find some time to get together to spend some time together as we are afraid after this we might not be able to see one another anymore.

With all these work and obligations, most of my friends are undergoing plenty of stress and anxiety. Some of them vent out the anxiety on sports and some of them opt for not so good solutions which involve smoking and drinking. Frankly, I am a bit worried for those who choose to go for smoking and drinking which could bring much more harm to their health so I recommended some more effective anxiety relief methods such as taking some health complimentary vitamins and also some simple exercises.

I hope that will help them in a way that will not affect their health but at the same time enable them to release their stresses.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inter CG Futsal Challenge 2010

Date: 11 April, 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: UTP New V5 Futsal court

legs + ball = futsal.

prayer before start, thank God He stopped the rain!

captain of my CG. powerful.

Josiah in action.

Joel: " sien already, don't want to chase the ball liao." Isabel: "wonderful!"

honorable referee of the day, Lim.

Jeremy and Aaron in action

Martin: "she is going to miss it."

Vinod: "hey! the ball is here, I am going to kick it, please pay attention."

Vinod: "see, i can kick it!"

Louisa: "oh man, hope the guys don't injure themselves."

girls and guys are both very powerful. French: "stephanie! pass me the ball, I am going to score!"

Claire:" hey, i help you block the ball, i don't really like my team anyway..." :)

Jun: "chase the ball guys!"

phew, so tired.

okie, photos taking time, eh, whose butt was that? aiyor....

Result: 6-3. The "most happening" CG wins...the "other CG" won the best goalie and best striker and best team work and most powerful girls formation award. :D

haha...yea, it was an enjoyable night. Thank God, praise Him!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Layout

yeap, new layout as most of you all can see. hehe...thanks to Aunty Claire for the introduction. :) so, how do you all think about the new layout?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Have been reading some blogs recently, and realise hey, I am not that good in writing and conveying my thoughts either through pictures or words. most people out there do far better than me, i guess it's time for me to pick up what's left behind? hehe....

anyway, last sunday was Easter Sunday and it was a special sunday for our church (COP Tronoh) as well as we have officially launched downstairs-The Olive's. will be posting more about it in the next post. :)

While we were celebrating the occasion, i took some pics and some of them were quite "special" in a way. hehe...

"don't take away my food please, nothing wrong with eating more....sobs.."

"can't keep my hands from the cookies jar."


"oh man, did you wash your hands after using the washroom?I hope you did..."

Haha....the night was really fun. hope to post up more photos soon. hehe...these days have been quite crazy, well, it's the last two months of my Uni life already! so, it's normal right? hehe...

yeap, "The Olive's" is open now! :) more info on the coming up post. hehe....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Melaka Town

the A Farmosa gate...hehe...thank God for friends that went with me. :)

haha...alright, i think my posts about Melaka Trip have been lengthy and yea, this will be the last post about it. hehehe....sorry for the infrequent update recently as there were tones of work to be done! by God's grace i shall go through all those! :D

this time around, yeap, the Melaka Town itself. not so much things to see, but i kind of enjoy the atmosphere, quiet, peaceful and full of tourists! hehee...

the view after passing the gate...it's a hill up, called the St Paul's hill...

did you see anything on the wall? :P

can you find the A Famosa Gate in the middle of the city? :P

is he praying or? (the background is the The statue of St. Francis Xavier)

the St Paul's Church, built by Duarte Coelho.

the clock tower in front of the Red Church (Christ Church)

the famous Christ Church (Red Church). :)

the town is not that big and it's easy to get around if you are driving. hehe...yeap, it's a good place to visit, worth the travel! :)