Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Went to the bakery shop the other day with cousins and siblings, then bought some "xiu pao" (baked pau), which is my favourite. yea, i like to taste different types of baked paus, so far the best is still the seremban production. haha....

it is Rm2.50 per piece.

inside filled with lots of chicken meat!

and yea, find this french bread very interesting. so long, and so hard, feel like baseball bat. :D maybe the parents can buy and hit the children, while hitting you can eat some to increase your energy. LOL. just some lame joke of the day. hehe... year is tomorrow! Happy New Year! Happy 2010!

The camera modes

I am here again to talk about taking photos. Frankly, I am not a professional photographer but just to share some of my opinions in taking photos. I hope to receive comments and opinions from the photographers out there too. Fruitful discussions are always welcomed!

Last time I mentioned about the position of the subjects in your photos, today let us discuss about the modes that you can have for your camera.

If you own a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, you would have several modes (referring to Canon DSLRs) such as Manual mode(M), Program mode (P), Shutter Priority mode (TV), Aperture Priority mode (AV), DEP mode (A-DEP) and other automatic modes.

For the new users, it is recommended to start with Program mode (P) first whereby the camera will make all the choices for you including setting the shutter speed, aperture diameter( which is the lens opening) and even ISO ( light sensitivity of the sensor). This is the automatic feature that can help the users to capture acceptable pictures. So from there, you can observe the shutter speed and the aperture to help yourself to understand the best numbers to use for different occasions.

After you are used to the camera, it is good to preceed to Shutter Priority mode (TV) or Aperture Priority mode (AV). TV mode enables you to pick the shutter speed then the camera will decide the lens opening for proper exposure while AV enables the user to pick the lens opening then the camera will choose the appropriate shutter speed. Both of these two modes are very useful for most of the occasions and most of the experienced photographers will use these modes to come out with astonishing photos.

As for the Manual mode (M), the user gets to fix the shutter speed and the lens opening to come out with customised photos. This mode is especially useful at tough conditions and surroundings. Thus, it takes a lot of experience to know the best combination in order to come out with satisfying photos.

Personally, photography is a very interesting hobby, especially when you are travelling a lot. I am the type that likes to travel, so maybe next time I will share more on taking travel photos. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Christmas~~!

Hello everyone! sorry for the late update, hehe...had a quite eventful Christmas, first time celebrated at home together with family after so many years. Before this was either in uni or in KL because of internship. :)

Merry Christmas! :D

I went to a concert and a Christmas celebration party at the church my mom attends...haha...quite happening and nice. enjoyed the atmosphere...the atmosphere of joy and peace. :)

At the concert...

musical performance...

a short and simple yet meaningful sketch..

then a simple sermon and message from the reverend...:)

after that, on the Christmas eve, i went to join the celebration party at my mom's church...

lot's of eating.:D

some dance performance by teenager...quite nice and smooth movements for her age....

hehe...the angels of big angel and small angels. lol...

the santa of the night...big belly...hahaha....

some simple and funny sketch from the elders. :) interesting huh? hhaha...

owh...after the celebration, we went to visit my bro's teacher(the one acting as the funny judge in the above sketch). then he treated us coconut juice!

then he gave me this big mug of coconut juice! man...can u feel the hugeness?

some belly almost exploded after finishing it. hahhaa...but it was very nice! hehe...sweet and cooling. :D

That's my Christmas for year 2009! memorable experiences. :) thank God...and, just to wish you all Happy New Year 2010! Have a great and blessed year ahead! :) God bless.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cheese Cake

hehe...I love to eat and savour cheese cakes and I have tasted quite a lot of types of them but I have never seen how a cheese cake is made.

well, thanks to my sister, she is generous(ahem...yea, for the first time, LOL) enough to make one for us on one of the sunny days. :) but she said was lazy so just made a simple one for us. :'( .

Anyway, got things to eat then enough already la. are the pictures. :D

she bought a bar of cheese, then she took 1/3 of it to make the cheese cake ( the rest i think she ate already. LOL).

then 4 eggs...

then 330g of flour...

stir the flour and cheese...

after that add in the eggs and some fresh milk plus a little bit of oil.:)

then put in the container and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes. :)

then, done already! quite yummy...a bit spongy...hehe...

from the way i described the recipe, it is very obvious I am not the type that can bake cakes right? :D

New Year coming!

Time flies so fast and Year 2010 is coming soon. I am sure most of us have done a great job for the previous year, for those who have not met the expectations; there is always the chance for us to improve ourselves.

For those who are studying, I believe holidays are going to be over soon and everyone needs to go back to school soon. Have you planned for the coming year? Are you able to cope with the syllabus? Since young I always believe in one thing, early and effective planning always results in good outcome. There’s one saying as well, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

So, while planning, it’s always good also to review back what we have done for the previous year, the lacking and the strength of it. That will help us in coming out with a better and effective resolution for the New Year. For the students, somehow quite a number of people might have problems with Math and Algebra, including myself. But fear not, if we realise we have problems with those, we can always have some extra tutoring to help ourselves.

Nowadays, some helpful parties are offering online tutoring specifically for K-12, back to school and college tutoring. Among them, TutorVista is the leading online tutoring company in the world. Through internet, they offer services including Homework help to the students 24-7 for only $99.99 per month for all subjects. It is indeed a good deal considering a student is able to access to any help anytime that is convenient to him or her in solving equation, fractions and other tough subjects.

If you are interested, do welcome to try on the free demo as the first time user to see if the service is suitable for you. All the best and have a great year ahead!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Home cook food i am again, talking about food, home cook food! :)

This time around, my mom prepared a special dish, I am not sure if it's a special dish that she created herself or she got the recipe from someone else (maybe my grandma or others) cause she never wants to tell me. All she said was "eat la, ask so much for wat ler? :) ". haha...well, it's ok, I always like to eat anyway! hehe...

we shall name the food "the white gourd chicken soup". sounds normal eh? ok then....let u see the pictures.

tala! I am not sure if you have seen something like this or not, but is quite special for me. haha...

the chicken meat and the ingredients are put inside the white gourd then are steamed until they are cooked.

these are the chicken meat after being taken out...quite tasty, very nice! got the white gourd smell...hehe...

another view...:)

the soup! i like it very much. but normally quite little portion. huhu...cause can't put too much water inside the gourd as it might affect the taste of the soup. :)

hehe....fascinating? Is anyone feeling hungry? :D hehe....


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Life Revolution

Alright, too many pictures of food at home, now let's take a break. This time around I am going to blog about the one life exhibition that I had gone to with my family.

The exhibition was organized by the organization One Life Revolution, the exhibition mainly is to promote the awareness of HIV disease and also to help the public to understand and accept HIV positive patients. The exhibition used 3 stories of HIV positive children in 3 different countries to help the visitor to understand about their lives and how much suffers and pain they have been through.

The exhibition took place in Bintang Plaza Mall, Miri. hehe....:)

the exhibition, it was surrounded by wooden walls and cameras were not allowed inside the exhibition. so only managed to snap some pics inside.

the exhibition took place for around 3 days. a lot of people visited the exhibition.

each visitor will be given an MP3 and the narrator will narrate the stories of the infected children. Inside the exhibition, it was the real life decoration of the surroundings of the infected children, very real, even the smell was there as well! Then the visitor will go through the stages of the child and the stories were very touching also. Those stories were real life stories.

as there were 3 stories, each visitor will go through different story. for me, I went through the story of an indian girl who was born in HIV infected family. The siblings were all infected but fortunately the girl was not (thus my hand was stamped negative sign). So the girl now is helping in the centre of the HIV positive kids.

well, the other two stories involved children who were infected with HIV positive, thus the sign. :) very real right? there was even a small clinic with a nurse inside the exhibition to stamp your hand. hehe...

and this is the little gift they gave us when we left the exhibition. :)

the exhibition was really meaningful, it's good to bring family members to visit the exhibition and not only you, but your children or siblings will learn a lot as well. :) however I am not sure if One Life Revolution is going to have any exhibition like this or not. :)

Taking photos

Since young, I have been very interested in taking photos. During younger days, we were still using film cameras and every time we needed to buy films in order to take photos for occasions and after that need to process the films in order to get the photos in hardcopies form. There weren’t any digital cameras back then. So, I still remember I always get scolded every time I come back from trips as when my mother brought the films to the shops to process, the photos were mostly sceneries or objects without human beings inside. She said I always wasted her films for taking pictures of sceneries rather than pictures of myself!

But that did not stop my passion in photography. And I got serious in photography early of this year when I first purchased my first Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR). There’s no ultimate rule or formulae in taking photos, but there are certain techniques that can be learned to help a person to become a better or professional photographer.

One of the techniques is to choose the focus on the subject for your photo. When you take your photos, it is important to choose the right focus so that there won’t be other focus or subject that will distract your main subject in your picture. Thus, this will link to another technique which is to position you subject so that the subject can stand up among the crowd and so on. The way you arrange your objects in your photo can affect the way people feel about your photos especially when your subject is among a group of objects.

Besides all these, there are several other techniques to be discussed, including the lighting and also the modes of your camera. Maybe shall discuss about it in the future.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Meals at home...

It's another day at home, but my mom never failed to surprise me with delicious dishes.

So, here's some of the pics. :)

the taufu (soya bean curds) with veges on top. very nice lo...:)

the bean sprouts fried with bean curds. huhu...

fried fish

then...guess what's inside? :)

yea...steamed lemon chicken...soury...drooling. LOL.

lastly, my favourite, the cabbage fried with eggs! yummy...

still have again next time. now i am too hungry already, gotta go for dinner! ciao! hehe...

Friday, December 18, 2009

A great dinner with relatives

My eldest uncle came back from Singapore with family the other day, he was planning to go KK, thus dropping by Miri to visit us.

and so coincidentally, I am back in Miri, so was able to have dinner with them and other relatives. I would say we had a great feast, although not very a lot of food, the food was tasty and filling enough! :)

the "miling", so far only saw in sarawak. :D

my family called it the "money" vege, dunno why, maybe the leaves look like money..haha...

then my second uncle set up this to bbq some chicken wings, sausages and lamp chop! :D

can u feel the heat? :D A fire argues?

"ouch! hot!" :P

my uncle, cooking...:D he is a great cook, but he only cook during big occasions. hmm...hehe...

tala..."money" vege with of my favourite food of the day. :D

the bbq-ed chicken wings and lamp chop, the sausages dunno where ad...LOL.

the "four corner" vege? i dunno the english name, anyone can enlighten me? haha...

the delicious "miling" vege...only found in sarawak, i think so...never see them in west malaysia though...:D

after meal, we have durians feast too! seriously feast, wanna see how much we ate?

one big was full before i remembered to snap a pic of it...:)

and still more left at the backyard! so i brought them back to my home to be savoured later on. :D

so full....tell me, how to slim down at home? :P