Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yeay!I'm in Dubai....airport right now...Haha...waiting for my connecting flight to Houston.long hours!
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Friday, April 22, 2011


Something to pamper it's the dried grape biscuits. :P

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


fire that burns

I am traveling to another country soon, and yet I haven't packed anything. Can't believe I am traveling back to the place (same country, different place) again after 2 years. hehe...can't wait for it, but also stressful as I need to learn well in the training! By God's grace I can! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Peaceful Evening

Time flies, I didn't realize that another week had passed and I didn't update my blog for a week! There were just so many things to do in a week. :)

For now, I couldn't help it but to think of a light snack and drink to chill out.

soya bean milk!best when it was still warm. :)

and fried oil sticks (you cha guai) with sesame seeds!

finally some short walk around the pasar malam (night markets) that you might bump into something nostalgic! :P RM1.30 per candy, not cheap huh?

I need a break! :P

Friday, April 8, 2011

I-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Had a quite busy week and practically I didn't have any time or strength to blog after work. Work is picking up and stress is building up, i guess more and more responsibilities and expectations will come after this, hope i can cope and perform! by God's grace. :)

Nevertheless, last weekend, I had the chance to sneak out and went for a half day photos shooting trip. :) This time around, we went to I city, in Shah Alam, Malaysia. :) It was a good place, decorated with beautiful lightings. :) If you wish to park your car inside the building, it's going to cost RM10 per car. of course, you can always park outside the area and walk inside but the parking spaces are going to be limited. :)

one of my favourite shots. :)

nice no?

i think should be flying deer...hmm...

bamboo trees...

another favourite shot. :)


snow? :)

It was a good place to be though, a lot of crowd when night falls. A lot of activities going on too! There's a snow house in the place too, but I didn't enter. hahaha.....I would recommend to go during evening before the sun set as you can see quite a beautiful sun set there, and the pictures look nice with blue sky background in your cameras(just like the first pic I took)! hehe...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

World Invasion - Battle of Los Angeles Movie Review

I went for my first movie after coming back from offshore! and this time, I watched the "World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles" directed by Jonathan Liebesman starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and the others.

The movie was kinda cool whereby the action was non-stop from the start until the end. Almost every second was making my heart skip a beat and yea, it was thrilling.

Battle of Los Angeles was actually about aliens invasion to the earth unexpectedly and the human military trying to defeat the alien troops with all that they had. When the rest of the cities in the world lost to the aliens, the Los Angeles troops didn't want to give up.

The Marines lost the city to the aliens as well and their airstrike plan didn't seem to work. However, they still didn't want to give up, especially Michael Nantz. His never give up spirit motivated the new rookies, and he and his team took the suicidal decisions to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters. Will they succeed? That's for you to find out in the cinema then. :)

Food for thought
When things go wrong, and after we have tried whatever possible, it was always easy to give in and let the situation lead the way. In the movie, Michael Nantz taught us that even if it seems impossible, press on and never quit.

I suppose he is right. In a tough situation, besides moving on, what else can we do? Just keep on trying. All the best people. :)