Friday, October 26, 2012

Coral Island, Phuket Thailand

One of the days in Phuket, we booked a full day tour from Groupon to tour around Coral Island and Racha Island on a VIP speedboat.There are many similar deals on Expedia as well.It costed us around RM130 per person, inclusive ground transport and lunch. Not bad huh?

a lot of people, boarding the speedboat. 

and there are a lot of speedboats as well! 

 reached, very nice. :) relaxing. haha..

 the beach, kinda short, but it's good enough for most of the beach activities.

 very busy seaside..haha..noisy too with all the people screaming and yelling in excitement. 

not so lonely speedboat. :)  the water is so clear! 

another shot of the seaside, oh they sell all kind of snacks - ice cream, coconut drinks, BBQ chicken wings etc. So do remember to bring some cash. :D

Can't get enough of the photos. hehe..

oh that's me. :P

Next up, Racha (Raya) Island. :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holidays to LAS VEGAS?

I know I have just come back from Phuket for holidays, but as I was chatting with friends over the lunch just now, we all want to go for another holiday as soon as possible.

We came out with plenty of choices such as Taiwan, Europe, Korea, Japan, United States or even China. Taiwan and China attracted me the most as I always wanted to visit these two places for the scenery and also the street food.

However one of the friends that were having lunch with us went backpacking around United States before and he started to share with us about his interesting experiences in the states. Even though some of the places were quite costly, but it was worth the experience for him. All of us were so overwhelmed by his experiences particularly the part when he shared about his experiences in Las Vegas. The holidays Vegas were amazing and his sharing changed my perceptions.

I always had the impressions of Las Vegas being a city where gambling and alcohols drinking were the major activities especially at night. However from my friend’s encounters, there were also great food and also interesting places to visit as the city was a very vibrant and dynamic place. Without doubt, the night life was spectacular but it didn’t just revolve around casinos and alcohols, there were plenty of shows and performances being conducted in the city at night as well. Besides, there was a lot of special and good food offered in the city day and night.

After his an hour long of persuasion, we were switching our attention to the States for holidays now! Hope it work out.