Monday, March 29, 2010

Torture, From Europe

well, continue from the Melaka Trip ( seems like so much to blog about huh? hahaa...), when we were in the town area, we came across one exhibition and we were greatly attracted by the signboard and banner!

this is the banner. :) interesting eh?

It was the TORTURE Exhibition from Europe countries. It was such a coincident that they were having the exhibition there from 13 Nov 2009 until 21 March 2010 at the Bastion House ( Muzium Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam) next to the A Farmosa Fort. amazing thing was, we were allowed to take pics inside the exhibition! :) cool huh?

So, be prepared what's coming. might be a bit scary. :)

cage...with skeleton inside...first thing we saw when entering the door. huhu...scary...

another torturing tool...imagine a human being trapped inside...

burnt to death ( dun worry, the corpse is a fake one...)

this one...stretched until break...and die...aiks...

the Iron Maiden of Nuremberg, well....the victim is locked inside and the doors with points were closed slowly until the victim was penetrated fully....hmmm...and the victim normally did not die immediately but days after....aiks..

and this....the knot of the actually to be tied to the intestine of the victim, and pulled up imagine the intestine coming out slowly from the victim's stomach....*vomit*

another version of the guillotine...smaller version...use hammer and knock one...*shivers*

heavy stone used for various of them is tie it to victim's head and throw down the sea? hehe...

the Guillotine...and the masked executor...

chairs with thorns...the small pic besides it explained how it was executed...hmm...

ah...this to drill a hole into a person's head from behind...alive...and conscious...

the Juda's Cradle, the picture explains how it was carried out...scary right? :) and ouch....

knee split the knees, rendered the knees useless permanently, can be used for elbow, arms and lower legs.

the mask worn on the victim for certain duration...quite heavy it seems...

Overall, the exhibition was quite scary and "revealing", gain more than enough knowledge about how cruel the ancient people had been. hehe....of course inside there were plenty more punishment methods...too much to be photographed fully. hehehe...if you are around Melaka town, do go and have a look! it's interesting! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Melaka Cowboy Town

hhee...sorry people, it has been a while since i last updated my blog. i was really tied up with all the academics work, projects and tests. hahhaa...i guess it's quite normal for a final student huh? :)

anyway, just some update on the melaka trip. hehe...continue the post. lol...

this time is the CowBoy Town in A farmosa Resort.'s very interesting there.

yeap...we are driving...jom...:)

the time when we went, they used Shang Hai yea, it looked and felt ancient and "old time Shang Hai"..haha...

owh, found a good friend there..hahaha...

inside the town. :)

this is the Cowboy Town entrance...not bad huh? :)

ohya...something interesting. haven't seen this around for quite some time! hehe...

quite nice huh? i kinda like the atmosphere there, nostalgic feeling i guess. hehe...:) Next up, Melaka Town. hehe...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Indians in Melaka

yo people, I am back from the Melaka trip already. it was a great and enjoyable trip. thanks for my friends who were willing to go with me, really appreciate your time and effort. hehe...hope to go more trips in the future together. :D

We spent our first day in the A farmosa resort and yea, we went to the water world and Cowboy town. it was awesome!'s some pictures on the Red Indians Show in the Cowboy town that night. enjoy~

lots of fire...

yea, he was swallowing the fire...not sure how he did it... :(

guess what he was drinking? yeap, gasoline. :)


the leader...nice

one of the followers, so nice of him to pose for the camera. hehe...thank God he didn't wave the axe at me. :)

yeap, great show. really enjoyed the show that night. haha...

hehe....more photos to come. thank God for the trip. hehe...

Friday, March 12, 2010


The weather was so hot for the last few weeks but thank God the weather started to turn cool for the past few days. :) and yea, thank God for holidays! finally a short break after 7 weeks!

the weather was so hot that even lizard need to shower. hehehe....

yeap, I am going to Melaka tomorrow! stay tune for more pics soon ya. :) Happy Holidays! hehe....

Roof Cleaning

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

David's diner in Ipoh

Went to David's Diner at Greentown Square in Ipoh the other day before going for CNY. It was an American style restaurant and thus, the portion of the food served was really huge ( the people serving there were very big size as well! LOL).

the atmosphere in the restaurant, quite american style in a way.

the water melon juice, nice shape and design of the cup. hehe...

mushroom soup as appetizer

or fresh vegetables salad as an alternative ( Garden Salad)

another appetizer, Southwest Egg Rolls

then the main course, grilled chicken with two side dishes- fries and mashed potatoes

another main course, grilled fish with macaroni and baked potatoes

then fried chicken with mixed vege and salad potatoes

their special homemade brownies with ice cream as dessert

another set of brownies with ice cream as dessert.

overall, the food was really great and filling. we ordered set for each one of us and we were really bloated.

Besides, the price for one dinner set was really cheap, it was around RM30 for one set and the set included one drink (juices or others), appetizer (mushroom soup or garden salad), another mouthwasher (egg rolls or others), main course with two side dishes, and dessert ( brownies with ice cream). That's quite cheap for me considering the quality and portion of the food served. and yea, they really serve Truly American Food!

I hope to go there again. hehe..thank God for good food.