Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Graduation 2010

Yeap, during the convocation day! hehe...

that's me, hands full of flowers, with my mom and sis. :)

so many cameras. everyone was looking at different camera at the same time. ahhaha...

yea, throw throw!

throw again!

ok, then fell down. haha...most of the people could avoid own hat, but hit by others' hats. hahaa..but it was fun though. :P

different directions again.

okie, this one everyone looking at the same camera. hehe...finally.

one thing about staying with a debator roommate is, they debate all the time, including when we are taking pictures. :)

another group pic before we say bye bye..

wonder who took all the pics? hehe...yeap, Mr Aaron Lai. haha...thanks bro! :)

bye for now. I guess I won't be seeing this for quite some time. :D

iPad Tutorial

Technology is advancing very swift nowadays. The gadgets are changing almost every single day and they are getting better and better every single time! Seriously, I have difficulty in catching up with the pace. I have no idea what a small device in hand is capable anymore.

Recently, with the iPad being released, almost everyone regardless young or old has gone crazy over it. Everyone is amazed and entranced by the functions of an iPad. Besides, I think it looks cool to bring a book-like item in your hand that can do almost everything for you?

However, after everyone getting one iPad for themselves, problems arise. They do not really know how to operate the sophisticated device! For example, people do not know how to transfer movies and music between iPad and your computer. Many people are actually underutilizing the amazing innovation.

Nevertheless, one can search on the internet on the simplified instructions of how to Backup iPad, how to Convert and transfer incompatible media files to iPad/iTunes and so on. So, again, technology helps to make our life easier! If you are unsure of how to use your new and advanced device, search on the internet! That can save you a lot of troubles.

Sunday, October 24, 2010



It was the first time in my life receiving flowers and so many of them at the same time. haha...really thank God for family and friends for giving me so much. haha...Special thanks to my family, and also Aaron and family, Jesse, Melissa and Serena, Pui, and COP church members! thank you all for the blessings and gifts! hehe...

the big bouquet from Aaron, Aunt Claire and family! haha...

from Melissa, Serena, COP members, Pui and Jesse!

can't have enough of the teddy bear. lol.

from family. hehe...

the collection! ahhaa....thank God for good friends and family. :D


As the cyber and the computers technology are getting more and more advanced, a lot of people including the students are relying on the computers instead of using own brains. Thus, a lot of students nowadays have troubles with basic math and hence more complex calculation problems.

Therefore, it’s quite common for youngsters nowadays to seek help on Math problems or even Algebra help. The best thing is, all the Homework help can be obtained online! So there is no need to waste time on travelling to any tuition centre and most of all, the parents can save the transportation fees!

Besides, through the internet, students can get Calculus help and also Physics help. So, all these dreadful subjects are no longer scary anymore if you are willing to reach out for some help. Through the usage of cyberspace, the students can have better control of their time and access the online system according to their own preference. That sounds so wonderful right? So no more rushing hassle after school and staying up late at night for homework!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is going on?

When all the disasters and oil spill are happening all over the world, we tend to ask “What is going on? What is happening? What else will happen?Why?” and we get confused and worried when we don’t get the answers we need.

"What In The World Is Going On", by Dr. David Jeremiah, is a brief explanation of the 10 prophetic clues of the end times. This book could provide you with some insights and peep into what is going on today.
The book is very informative and revealing. It tells the readers the situation of the world in Bible’s perspectives and gives us a rough idea what is to happen in years to come. It relates what is happening in the world today to what has been prophesized in the Bible and the author simplifies the whole context for the readers to understand easily.

So if you are interested in what is going on today and tomorrow, do have a read of the book. All the best.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It is going to be the convocation in few days time. So as i was browsing through the old pictures, i found these. hehe...

These are what university students do when they are graduating. :) enjoy. hahaa..

charlie's angels. come and disturb if you dare.


"don't worry, I still can partner with you."

Yip Man and Who?

dragon ball? hmm...

Cheers people! see you soon! really soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It is quite normal to have summer in tropical countries. However, the weather has been crazily hot for the past few months. It is probably due to the global warming has been happening consistently for the past few years.

A lot of people are contracted with mild diseases such as fever or flu. Even though recovered at one point of time, the virus will keep coming back from time to time. A lot of my friends have been suffering with the infections frequently ever since the weather turned back for the past few months.

Few days ago, it happened to me as well. I did not get flu or fever but something to do with my gum. It was like a jaw lock that I could not open my mouth fully due to some swollen area around my wisdom tooth area. After consulting my aunty who is a nurse, she told me it could be a gum inflammation for me. According to her, the inflammation could be caused by heat, lack of water or even infection. The inflammation was really a pain in the neck. Due to the swollenness, I could not chew my food and had to swallow most of the food in order to consume them. Besides, when swallowing saliva or water, it caused pain to the throat as well.

So she suggested me to get Tramadol drug - tramadoldrug.co in order to reduce the pain and also to stop the inflammation. As I was having my training in Batam, an island in Indonesia, I could not find any pharmacies nearby, so I decided to Buy online tramadol - buyonlinetramadol.co which is convenient and efficient for me. Besides, through massive browsing, I finally came across the ways to Buy cheap tramadol online - buycheaptramadolonline.co. Do you need any painkillers? Try to find it online.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Just finished my first set of training. I think i passed, hopefully. :)

It was a simple tool, but quite complex operating procedures for me. Hopefully I don't blow anything out when operating it next time. LOL.

yeap, that's the one. one whole week on that one batang(stick). LOL. (photos credit to Bao)

posing while taking a break between sessions. LOL.

quite nice though, learning together with people from different nations (Indonesians, Malaysians, Canadians, Vietnamese and etc). quite a cool experience. The instructors flew all the way from the states to pass on the knowledge to us, wonder when will i get to fly across the globe to learn from them then? hehe...

yea, totally different learning experience, the students and the instructors are like friends, which is quite different from what we have in local universities huh? lol. :D

Next week another week for different tool then I am back in Malaysia! can't wait!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

17 October 2010

Exactly 2 more weeks from now, and I will be back, for the special day.

can't wait for it.

see you all there guys and girls! let's gather together for another final time before we are "released" by the uni officially. :D

Soma Online

There was once during my university time, I was studying in the room together with my roommate, he was using his headphones and so did I. When I was studying, I realized something that I was not sure of, so instead of taking down my headphone and called him, I use the chatting messenger to send him an instant message. And guess what? He replied my question using the chatting messenger as well.

That is what the technology nowadays has done to us. In everything we do, we tend to rely on the cyber space communication. The communication face to face or personal communication has been reduced tremendously. In fact, if possible, we tried to have zero personal face to face interaction.

There are so many things we can do through the internet, such as paying our bills, communicating with colleagues through emails, having conference calls with others to replace meetings, buying groceries online, ordering food online, and even buying medicine online!

For those who are computer savvy, or online shopping literate, we will know how to go online to shop for the best quality of health products or medicines for the best price. We just cannot help it because normally it is easier to find cheaper deals online as there are so many choices available! There are several online pharmacies available for example http://discountsoma.co or http://somanoprescription.co where you get to buy any medicine you need or want.

Nevertheless, even it is a norm that humans tend to go for cheaper products but it is also wise to go for the cheap yet reliable and credible products instead of being blinded by the unreasonable low price of certain products. Therefore, it is better to question and research the credibility of the online pharmacy we buy our products from. Online store like http://somapill.co will definitely worth a try.