Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Smurfs Movie Review

Another Wednesday night! Movie attack! 

This time around, the famous "Smurfs"! There's only one word to describe, AWESOME! Before I watched the movie, my friend told me, it was his childhood cartoon show and he is the same age as me. I was wondering how come I never encounter these characters during my childhood? Where was I when I was a kid?

Picture courtesy of Smurfs

Anyway, back to the show. The show was about the Smurfs village being attacked by the wicked sorcerer, Gargamel and a group of them, including the Papa, accidentally ran into the waterfall during Blue Moon night. The waterfall brought them to the human world where they met Patrick and Grace. Then the adventure of escaping Gargamel in the human world began!

Picture courtesy of Smurfs

Of course, throughout the journey, Papa and the group helped Patrick to realize the importance of family. And Patrick managed to secure his job because of the Smurfs! For more details, visit the cinema and watch the show now! :) Ohya, i like this character in the show. hehe....sometimes it reminds me of myself. LOL.

Picture courtesy of Smurfs

All in all, it is a happy show! so much laughter. haha...."Lalaa...lalalala...sing a happy song...". Go enjoy the show. 

Food for thought
Certain things only happen once in a while or once in our lifetime, are you able to grab and enjoy the moment? Once in a blue moon, don't miss your blue moon, appreciate present. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cars 2 Movie Review

It was a Wednesday night, so where would you expect me to be? Cinema of course! This time around, it was a special show, Cars 2! 

Picture courtesy of

The show was about Mater, Lightning McQueen's best friend, accidentally getting involved in a series of spy activities. The agents were trying to figure out all the incidents that happened behind the "World Grand Prix" and the Allinoil, a biofuel, promoted by Miles Axlerod, a green power advocate.

As usual, there were car racing going on, and all the cool cars moving around like human beings. It was a cool show, very funny too, especially Mater.Haha... The animation was great as usual and I like all the animation versions of the places like London, Italy and Tokyo.

Picture courtesy of frenchMax's

I would say it was a great cartoon show, worth a watch with your beloved and enjoy the good laugh.  Of course it is kids friendly but strangely I don't see any kids with us in the cinema that day. hahaha....All are grown-ups so who say cartoons are just for kids? LOL.

Food for thought
Just be who you are because you are the "bomb!" You might never realize how important you can be to certain people in your lives. So don't change for others, for some people may never want to lose the real you. :)

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Glen Nevis

After spending a night in Fort William (pictures will be posted soon, hehe....), we took off heading Glasgow. On the way, we passed by Glen Nevis, one of the most beautiful routes on earth (According to my standard of course. LOL).

Beautiful aint it?

Can you see the top?

By the way, it was super cold! But I challenged the temperature and stood there for a pic! Challenge Success! ahhaha...

So beautiful...remind me of Switzerland? hahaha....

Edited Picture. How do you think? :D

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apollo 18 Movie Review

Second movie in a week! This time "Apollo 18" ! A movie directed by Gonzalo Lopez Gallego, starring Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen and Ryan Robbins.

It was a show about the adventure of Apollo 18 to the moon and the reason why the last official recorded journey was Apollo 17. 

Picture Courtesy of screenrant blog 

Generally it was a creepy movie, with aliens on the moon with the ability to camouflage as rocks and enter human body without one realizing it. The whole movie was done in the way that audience would think the film was made of real documentary footage excerpted from some top secret files. I would say it was superbly done, and the way the director surprised the audiences with flash images was a cool classic as well. My friend and I were shocked few times in the cinema. hehe...

Picture Courtesy of iwatchstuff blog 

In the end we didn't really see the clear form of the aliens, but it was creepy enough to see rocks suddenly turned into legged creatures and the astronauts screaming away just amplified the creepiness. LOL.

The movie ended with "800 pounds of rocks were recovered from moon in Apollo 17. Most of them were give out to the foreign countries as gifts and most of the gifts were missing or stolen.". So are you sure the rocks you see on the roadside are just normal rocks? hehe....

Anyway I went to checkout the website they put in the movie, Below came out. haha....

Food for thought
How much information that we know are the truth? and how much truth do we know?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Destination 5 Movie Review

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted a movie review. This time around, I watched "Final Destination 5" at 1210am midnight! This movie is directed by Steven Quale, starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell and Arlen Escarpeta.

The movie was about the "Lucky 8" that survived a bridge disaster. It was a natural disaster due to the strong wind (I guess because of the natural resonance huh?). The main reason they survived was because one of the "Lucky 8", Sam, saw a sort of vision before the incident took place. He panicked and managed to drag 8 of the passengers from the bus out thus surviving the incident. 

picture courtesy of Celebrities blog

However, the worst was still yet to come. The "Lucky 8" died one by one in terrible deaths. As one of the coroners warned them : "Death doesn't like to be cheated, you all be careful now."

picture courtesy of Celebrities blog

The deaths seemed to be purely coincidental, or as someone might call them "freak accidents". Well, if you wish to know, do find out from the cinemas nearby on how they all died! For me, I surely will think twice before I go for a LASIK surgery next time! LOL.

However though, my friend that went with me commented :" They died too fast, should let them die slowly then only will be fun." Well, beat that! haha.

Food For Thought
We can plan our futures however we want them to be, still we can't determine our futures. Appreciate now and leave tomorrow to God!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glenfinnan Scotland has been like 2 months since I last touched my blog. "blogging career" has failed terribly. LOL.

Anyway, since I am rotting away in the hotel in Labuan at the moment, I might as well upload some photos from my previous trips. :)

One of my favourite places in Scotland will be Glenfinnan. It's a small place at the east side of Scotland, near to Fort William. But for me it's a great place with breathtaking scenery. :)

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this might look familiar to you. It's the Glenfinnan Viaduct, it appeared in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Go check it out. :D

Another view from top of the hill

In order to appreciate the beautiful scenery, I had to climb a small hill and this is the top of the hill.

Yes, the trail I "trekked" through...and yes, that's my bag "abandoned" there. LOL.

Beautiful eh? wait until you see.....

THIS! can you see the layers of the mountains? so cool right? I spent some precious quiet time up there alone, admiring the awesome creation. hehe...very good experience, but was very cold. LOL.

Yeap, Glenfinnan conquered! LOL.