Monday, September 10, 2012

Patong Beach, Phuket Island

After started working for so long, finally I get to enjoy my first real vacation! This time around I went to Phuket Island, Thailand just to get some beach fresh air! Even though I work on the sea most of the time, I actually don't get to go to the beach much. :) 

First stop, Patong Beach. :D


sunny day! the beach is quite clean.

me, relaxing. hehe... where's my coconut drink?

it was quite relaxing and stress-free by just lying there and watching the world turn around you. :) and oh, sometimes you would see some object flying pass above you! haha...

there were a lot of beach activities going on though, para-sailing was one of them. 

getting ready 

the worker prepared carefully 

then off you go! it was some stranger who was on the para suit, not me. :P

up in the sky! 

yay! Patong beach was nice, but Phuket offers more interesting and beautiful places than just Patong Beach! stay tuned! :D