Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scotland Seaside

Along the east side of Scotland, they have very beautiful seaside. We really enjoyed the view and sceneries as we drove along the coastal road...

posing...no swimwear ooopppss.

seagull...right over my head! lol...

interesting structure, i heard it was used for transporting water from one place to one place in ancient times...

more beach areas...

Moray Coast Trail! Where i found the human rock! lol...

this is beautiful...and windy as well. very cold in fact. :)

ooppppsss....spotted by coast guards! hahaha...better run! LOL...

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Lochness! The famous place where they found monster in the lake! Finally I had the chance to witness it, not the monster of course. LOL.

I find this a bit special? haha...kinda lame though, but maybe that's the way they forecast the weather. hahaha...

we spot the monster! i mean the statue...ahhahaha...

great view, awesome!

very peaceful indeed...

owh, another one by the lake side...ahhaha...

who's that handsome boy?

some very nice views....too peaceful that we didn't want to leave for our next destination. hahaha..

"quek quek"...time to go! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fort William Scotland

Another "expired" post on the Scotland trip. haha...

During the weekend, we drove all the way to Fort William to witness the beauty of another part of Scotland. True enough, it was breathtakingly beautiful! 

I like this...haha...

Salmon! very tasty, they are famous for good salmon no? 

we stayed in Nevis Bank Inn, one of the small hotel near the seaside. It was tourist season so the room was a bit overpriced. This costed around 60 pound for a family suite, one king size double bed and a sofa bed like the picture above. :)

Typical Scottish breakfast, bacon, sausages and black muffin! hehe...

Nevis Bank Inn from outside. quite a cozy small place. :)

special place nearby Fort William city. Notice the way they build the houses?

note the rock shapes

the river bank view...

journey continues....


I suppose blogging has become a very popular hobby nowadays. In my personal opinion, blogging is not only a healthy activity to go by, it has a lot of other benefits to go by such as getting sufficient information, building up personal computer skills, getting to know different people from different part of the world and also to open up our minds!

I started blogging three years ago. At first I just wanted a place to voice out my opinions and record great things that happened in my life. Then slowly my blog evolved into a blog that shares about traveling information, places, cultures, movies reviews, books review and so on! It actually helped me to pick up more interesting hobbies! I started with Windows Live at first, then tried wordpress and now I am with blogger! It was an interesting process and I have learned so much from it.

So, if you are complaining that life is boring and you don't have much things to do, try blogging! All the best.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fraser Hill

Before continuing to my Scotland trip pics, lets explore some places in Malaysia. :) 

It was a very special weekend and I decided to go up to Fraser Hill for a break. I have been hearing a lot about Fraser Hill but haven't had the chance to go yet. So this time around, finally I was up there! :D

The journey up was very tiring and nauseating because of the windy road. But after reaching up there I think it was worth it! :D It was a very peaceful and green place to be. Great place to relax and chill. 

on the way to the waterfall. 

Before the waterfall....

Waterfall from above

After the waterfall is another small man made waterfall...to control the water level i guess?

The natural waterfall..

some random pic...haha

view from the room

some scenery from the resort that we stayed in, Fraser's Silverpark Resort, quite a good place. 

I like this one. :D

Allan's water...one of the attractions there..

That's me...after growing bigger size. LOL.

More pics of the recreational park...quite serene. :)

That's all from the trip. We stayed in the Silverpark Resort for RM184 per night for a Studio Room, i think good for 4 people. The room came with 2 pax of breakfast, which i think is a good deal. :)