Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Sunday Service

New semester started last week, was a busy and great week. I think I went out most of the nights throughout the week for fellowship and also meeting up with juniors. huhu...times flies and now I am in final year final semester already! feel so old. LOL. hehe...

Our church (Church of Praise Tronoh) had our first service for the semester. Although not much people were back, it was a great start for the semester! more to come ya. :)

the worship team.


the congregation...

Thank God for the new semester, I am sure this sem is going to be a great one right? Amen. :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

New World Park Food Court, Penang

The food court is located at Swatow Lane, Penang. They offer a lot of nice and tasty food. It was my second time going there and i still trying new types of food!

the fried kueh tiao. the special thing is they have the "lak cheong" (marinated sausage). yeap, it tasted nice! but a bit small portion for RM3.50

the curry noodles. it looks nice and a lot of ingredients. hehe

wantan mee i think...Andy ordered this. :)

If not mistaken is called "aptai", some mamak food. tasted quite and special. a bit sour and sweet. :)

prawn biscuits...with the sauce.

hehe...i suddenly realise my blog is turning into a food blog already. hmmm...not quite what i had in mind but i think it's ok right? hehe...alright, will post up something different afterwards. :) hehe...

Car Accesories

The week before I came back to university, I was helping my mother to settle some stuff at home. After cleaning up the house and repairing some broken or missing parts at home, I proceeded to my mother’s car.

The car was 5 years old and it was still in good condition. Besides sending the car to the workshop for some service and check up, I just need to buy some accessories for the car. Besides going around town to survey for the prices and the availability of the accessories, I also tried to go online to survey.

Unfortunately, for my mother’s car, the accessories were not available online but I accidentally came to know that hyundai accessories are actually available online! That’s very good news for the Hyundai cars users. The purchase can be so convenient and sometimes economical if you know how to fix those accessories onto the car yourself. And I believe a lot of car models’ accessories can be purchased online as well.

I am truly amazed by the convenience and advancement the internet can offer. It is like we can get anything that we need from our homes through some clicks away. Besides, we can take our time and there’s no need to worry about customers that are waiting behind us anymore!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunshine Restaurant in Penang

During the trip to Penang, we went to a restaurant in Tanjung Bungah, it's called the Sunshine Restaurant. The restaurant is along the roadside to Batu Ferringhi.

There were 6 of us and we ordered 5 dishes. the dishes were quite big portion and they tasted nice!

the mee sua (longevity noodles), Aunty Claire at the background. :)

the sea snails...hmm...they actually tasted quite first i thought were some fish....

the kangkong with prawn and sambals...

my favourite, the fried chicken i think. dunno wat's the ingredient, but tasted a bit salty, not too salty but just nice. :)

this is my another favourite, fried fish with yam. super good! highly recommended. hehee...

Penang got too much food also tired. time let's go again!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Went to Penang Island the other day with Aaron and family. After window shopping at Queensbay Mall, we were a bit tired and wanted to have tea break. Since it was a special occasion (not going to tell what it is...hehe...), so we decided to go for something more "luxurious".

At first we wanted to go for Chili's, but then it was full and we don't want to sit at the smokers area to kill our lungs, so we toured around again to see if there's anything else we could have.

And, we ended up in Swensen's! We ordered 4 dishes...

Coit Tower

Frosted Choc Malt Fantasy

Banana Crumble

Mac 'N' Cheese

I would say it was indeed very luxurious, the ice cream was great ( if not it won't be so famous right?). I personally like the Banana Crumble, very tasty, and the ice cream just didn't melt on the bananas. FYI, the pie was on a sizzling pan! it was scotching hot and yet the ice cream didn't melt instantly. ehhe...they poured a cup of caramel on top of the ice cream and the banana pie, the taste was great even though a bit too sweet. hehe...nice! maybe next time we can go again ya? :)

Web Hosting

I started to blog since two years ago. At first I started to blog due to curiosity, just wanting to know how it was like to have a blog that talked about me and things that happened around me. Thus, I was very amused and attracted by the cyber world and how one could communicate with others through blog.

At first I was using free blog host such as to host my blog. But then, as my interest develops, I wish to have my own domain and my own blog host. One of the reasons is own domain is always easier to remember and this will enable more of my readers to come and visit my site. Besides, owning a domain and web host will give me more space and opportunity to develop my site according to how I want it to be. In a way, my site can become more flexible and unique in terms of interactivity, theme, template, gadgets and so on.

Therefore, I did some research on the web hosting services. Web hosting is actually service designed to provide space and hosting of website to internet users. These services are managed out of data center facilities and made available to personal and business customers. Normally, the services can be available to customers worldwide. When you are looking into a good webhost provider, you will need to look into four of the most essential elements which are the server hardware, web server, operating system and the hosting provider itself. Different webhost providers will provide you different kind of services. Some can be user friendly, and some might not.

Several examples of web hosting providers are wordpress web hosting and also drupal web hosting. These two web hosting provide outstanding services to the satisfaction of the customers. If you are interested, do visit the website and get more details on them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Penang Trip 2010-Breakfast

whee....before the semester started, I went to Penang again with Aaron and family for food, and more food! hehe...

First day, when we went to Lorong Selamat for breakfast. :)


Penang Curry Mee...(RM4)

Penang Laksa(RM4)

Kueh Teow Th'ng(RM3)

fried oysters (RM10)

popia (RM2.80)

looks delicious? they taste delicious as well! most of the food are very nice, I prefer the curry mee, a bit spicy but then just nice. hehe....Penang is always full of glorious food. stay tuned for more food next post. hehe..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homecook food in Ipoh

hehe...thank God for another "home" in Ipoh, went to Aunty Claire's house for the weekend and she cooked home cook food! hehe...very delicious. :)

ham and eggs

the soup (white & red carrot, ham, pork)

fried cabbage with ikan bilis

meal of the night, nice!

thank you Aunty Claire for the food. hehe...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Citrus Ipoh

hehe...there's one Citrus in Miri, and there's another Citrus in Ipoh as well!

today I went to Citrus for lunch with a good friend, Aaron. hehe...the place was quite nice, and food was not bad well. most of all, it's cheap i think.:)

we ordered set lunch of the day, and it costed RM17.90 per person.

the coke included in the set lunch.

the soup of the day

we can choose either chicken chop and potato wedges or....

Linguine(pasta) with salmon

and dessert, crepes. :)

quite nice right? i prefer the chicken chop more....huhu....if you have the chance, can go there and try out, it's located in Ipoh Garden East. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The results were out since last night.

I didn't do as well as the semesters before this, but then I thank God for my result last semester as some of the subjects were quite tough(imagine one of the subjects i have no idea what was the lecturer trying to teach for the whole sem), and some weren't my favourite (haha...old already, can't force myself to study them anymore...LOL), but still praise God for the result I got. hehe...considering all the fun and little time spent on studies, my result was good enough i think. hehe...

Praise God for the result! I am still in Dean's list! and also first class i hope

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have you heard of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan before? For your information, swppp or Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan are plans used on construction sites as a plan to keep dirt and sediment out of the storm drains during rain storms. This is to help the nation to curb pollution to the environment due to storms. All the plans are signed and certified by licensed civil engineers.

Back In UTP

yo people, after one month of honey moon at home, i am now back in UTP already....

aiks...start to miss home and all the food liao...hehehe....


soon going to start class liao...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Web Directory

Last semester was quite a fun and enjoyable semester for me. I didn’t put so much effort and didn’t stress myself much in studying to get good results. Instead, I enjoyed myself and also earned some extra cash while having fun.

How did I do so? Mainly is through the blog that I maintained. Do you know that actually one can generate some income through the blogs or websites that he or she has? Of course, the more readers come to visit your blog, the more profits you can get through your blog or websites.

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There are plenty of web directories available for the moment, for example the Yahoo directory is one of the most common and free web directories used by online business owners throughout the world. Besides, DMOZ is widely used as well by a lot of users online. Both of the web directories are very good and widely used directories. However, there are plenty of other paid directories that offer plenty of attractive services.

For me, I have submitted my website to Google web directory and I have been getting a lot of useful links to the related websites that compliments my blog. If you are interested, do feel free to try out and wish you all the best!

Leaving home...

Times flies indeed, I am back at home for around 1 month plus already, that indicates the end of my holidays at home. Yeap, I am leaving home in two days time, had mixed feelings to go back though. While feeling excited to finish my studies soon, also feeling nervous for what God has for me in the future. Indeed, God is faithful and He will guide me through.

well, the things i am going to miss is definitely the food, home cooked food, mom's cookings. :) nothing beats what home has to offer huh? hehe...

the taufu with minced meat on top. one of the favourite dishes in my house. hehe...

anyway, life goes on. I believe God has greater and more exciting things for me in the future. hehe...

by the way, I think most of you do read news, and the situation is not really encouraging. churches have been set on fire! i wonder what did the churches do to deserve such treatment? or should i ask what did the brothers and sisters do to deserve such treatment? what kind of moral or faith one is holding on that allow the person to attack others' religious and legal gathering places?

Another church in Miri was attacked just now, adding the number to the seventh church in Malaysia that has been attacked. Please pray, please pray for the people in Malaysia that things will go on well. I know God has a plan and purpose for all the things that happen, but let us pray that the people will be safe. God bless everyone. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outing with family

During year end it is always the time to go out with family, why? One is there are always discounts! and second is school is starting soon and we need to buy some stuff. :)

Well, of course, more food!

this is the "lu hui"(Aloe Vera) green hoh? my bro ordered for breakfast...

yeap, Miri also have dim sum ok! hhahaa...looks presentable, taste also quite ok. :) but i think Ipoh's one still better. hehee...i should move to Ipoh.

ah...the beef noodles. see all the meat? extra large portion for RM3.50.

Then for lunch, we went to a Bak Kut Teh shop at the Suncity, Miri. it's the "shi li xiang"(十里香肉骨茶).

the "you zha kueh" to be eaten with the bak kut teh...

one special thing about the shop is their rice is a bit different, seems like they added some extra ingredients to cook it. quite nice smell and taste.

tada! the Bak Kut Teh. the taste was quite ok, average, just like typical bak kut teh i guess. :)

and then we ordered the Hai Nan chicken rice also. RM5 per plate plus rice.

Altogether we spent RM32.50 for 4 people. quite reasonable i guess. :P but i think the most important part is the outing with family! hehe....still the home cook food the best. LOL.


When my grandfather was around last time, he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease during the days before he passed away. That time I witnessed how scary and painful the Alzheimer’s disease can be to the patient and also to the family members that take care of the patient.

A lot of times we thought Alzheimer’s disease can be the most torturing and scariest disease a person could ever get, but then actually there are more. Have you ever heard of dementia? How’s your understanding of dementia? Dementia is actually a complicated and often confusing health issue. It is normally chronic and progressive problem of cognition that affects the memory, judgment, and so on. Alzheimer’s disease is just one type of dementia thus there are more serious and suffering disease than Alzheimer’s. Actually by understanding dementia can help the patient and the family members.

According to the experts, it is helpful to recognize and track the dementia symptoms at the early stage so that the patient can receive the dementia treatments as soon as possible. This is to help the patient and also the family members to deal with the disease and to reduce the impact of the disease to the patient. Therefore, it is helpful and recommended to know more about the disease and the symptoms and discuss with the health care professionals in dealing with the disease. All the best.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


New Year has just passed, I am still in holidays mood. supposed to start on my Final Year Project at home, but still very lazy. hehe....

just some pictures to share with you all.

quite like this photo, a bit out of focus but very good angle i think. to Joshua who took the shot. huhu....:)

another random pic taken during the new year gathering. hahaa...a bit mysterious. lol...

yeap, still in new year mood! happy new year! LOL.

Page Rank

If you have been blogging for quite some time, you would be very familiar about this word “Google Page Rank”. You might come across bloggers saying:” oh my goodness, my blog’s page rank dropped again,” or someone might say:” yes, my PR has increased!” And you might come across advertisements like how to boost your Google page rank by doing this and that.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! how was your new year celebration? For mine, i had a great one this year. hehe...

First of all, i went to this cafe called Halo cafe in Miri with my secondary school friends to count down and also to catch up with one another as some of them were leaving for uni and work the next day already.

the Halo Cafe

The best thing is, I won the first prize for the lucky draw session that night! what a surprise! thank God! I still remember i was telling my friend Teck Kiong when he asked me to keep the lucky draw coupon, i said:" aiyar, never mind ler, you keep la, I never win anything for this kind of thing one." and well, I won that night! hahaha.....really thank God!

that's me, with the prize!hehe....

the prize of the night. :)

guess what's that? 12 Heineken glasses. haha...just nice to be added into my mom's collection at home. hehe....

After that, we went to the Imperial Mall, wanted to countdown there, but then there wasn't any countdown but just some competition and ballon and ang paus drop. was cool though...hehe...

nice nice! ballons dropping as the clock ticked 12! Happy 2010!!!

can you see the ang paos? hehe...

oh well, that's all for the night! I had a great night really, thank God for the friends that spent the night with me. some of them left when this pic was taken, but still thank you all for making it! God bless! and happy new year once again! :D