Friday, December 7, 2012

Penang Murals

It was again a spontaneous trip to Penang (I then realized most of my trips are spontaneous and without much planning. LOL). My friends just suggested "Let's go for two days trip to Penang! We shall drive!" and there we went. The first thing we did when we arrived in Penang was of course to eat. haha...but after that, we focused on finding the wall murals that many people talked about. 

"Reaching up"

"Big bully trying to scare away kids" 

  "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur"

"Boy on a bike" 

I think this is from a different artist, but I find the drawing quite interesting and meaningful. It says "Our art is dying"

me and "Children on a boat" (I can't do anything with it as it was by the water. LOL)

It was a fun trip as we explored around to find all the drawings which where located at different parts of the town. There were still some murals that we didn't manage to find as we were too tired and hungry so decided to call it a day. haha...But yeah, it was great fun!


eddie law said...

nice photo....

reana claire said...

Oh, I never been there before.. must go one day... :)