Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have heard a lot about IKEA's food court, and finally, I got the chance to try it.

vegetarian pasta

the famous meat balls plus fries and fruit jam.

Chicken Leg with Swedish Herb and Lemon Sauce

Daim cake...yummy.

Overall, yea, i like the meatballs, they are just pure delicious, and the Daim Cake as well. hehe...hopefully can go back and try again in the near future! I like their set up as well, the way they display the food and the process of trading the food, it's so efficient and swift. So yea, folks, please try them out one day. :)


Few friends of mine were sort of addicted to mangosteen juice ever since the drinks stall was opened in my university’s café one year ago. They all said the juice was so original and it actually defeated some popular drinks like coke and Sprite. I tried it once or twice, and I actually find it interesting and healthy and it actually did not contain much sugar or the natural glucose sweetness.

Since then, a friend who is very business minded suggested to commercialize the product. One of his suggestions actually involved the concept of mlm businesses. He was indeed a creative and practical person that he actually developed the concept and the system by his own.

At first, most of us were very excited about his business plan as from his explanation, we found it very practical and feasible. Thus, we actually planned to approach the owner of the stall and shared our plan with him. The owner was not convinced at first. However he was very interested in expanding his business and he actually liked my friend’s idea. He requested the friend to develop the ideas further.

It has been quite some time since the last meeting with the owner, and I am sure my friend has already finished his business idea and we surely hope it will become a success before all of us are graduated!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bride- Michelle

getting ready

making up

yeap, let's pose!

busy busy... :P

"owh, i forgot something!"

"yea, forgot take pic with my maid of honour" :)

"i'm ready..."

"everything done yet?"

the bridal party and the bride. :)

ready to go... :D

New Journey

another journey to be completed.


Whenever I visit a friend or my family’s friends at the house, the thing that always captures my attention is the rug in the living room. Some of them bought animal fur rugs, some bought synthetic rugs and all of them have different designs.

Recently I notice that a lot of people are buying oriental rugs to put in their living rooms. I am not sure of the exact reasons but actually I do find them beautiful and interesting. Some of them actually look very decent and modern, which matches with the modern design of the living room. With the rugs, the living room feels very comfy and luxurious I suppose. I think I am going to persuade my mother to get one for my house as well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pre-wedding preparation

Before the wedding...

"let me see...what colour should i use?"

in process. eyes of anticipation. :)

bridezilla..that's what she called herself. hahaha...

the bride and the mom

the nervous bride

hehe...she is pretty, isn't she? more to come!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rehearsal for the wedding day

it started with a flash gun, or maybe two. :)

the pastor and the groom were discussing

the groom and the bride.

the bridal group

the father and the bride. :)

the rehearsal

owh, i like this one. "huh, what's up?", Michael said. :P

Disposable Contact Lenses

A lot of people say wearing spectacles is something cool, especially for guys. Even one of my good friends also mentioned he wished to wear glasses even since he was young but he always doesn’t have the chance to.

But for me, it is not cool at all. Therefore I always look forward to wearing contact lenses in order to get rid of the glasses. Recently, I have been trying on the daily disposable contact lenses to get used to the idea of wearing contact lenses. According to the experts, disposable contact lenses are actually better and more hygienic to the users. Besides, they are cheaper too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

12 hours on the road

yo, just came back from the wedding. A lot of first times for me, and i would say "Praise God!" for all His blessings.

Total 12 hours on the road to and fro, it's time to settle down a bit. will share more about the wedding soon! see you!

marriage. :D Congratulations Davin and Michelle!

LED Rope Lights

During my high school time, I was involved in a school annual concert. I still remember, that time I was called to be in charge of the opening ceremony of the concert.

At first, I really got no idea of doing any montage or gimmick for the opening ceremony. So I consulted the seniors and some teachers hoping to get some constructive ideas from them. One of them suggested a cylinder gimmick with led rope lighting surrounding it and a electric static ball on top of the cylinder.

At first it sounded like a cool idea but the problem came as in where I could get any led rope lights? Besides, I had limited experience dealing with led rope light. So, I was rather contemplating about implementing the idea or not.

However, the friend suggested me to research more about it and setting up the led rope lights were not as complicated as I thought. So I took his advice and yes, it was really easy actually! I believe even any electronics amateur will know how to set those lights up without any sweat.

True enough, in the end I was able to complete the gimmick and the opening ceremony was a success!