Monday, June 28, 2010

ShenZhen City

We flew to GuangZhou first using air asia. the plane landed in Baiyun International Airport. In order to transit to the city centre, you can either take bus or taxi. The taxi will cost you around 110 yuan to city centre and it took around 1 hour journey.

Before exploring GuangZhou city, we went to ShenZhen first. In order to get to ShenZhen from GuangZhou, one can take bus or train. So, my family and I decided to take train, the bullet train, as it only requires 1 hour for us to get there.

inside the train. We took the train from the GuangZhou East Train Station. There are two train stations, one is GuangZhou station, and another one is GuangZhou East station. The train cost us 80 yuan per person.

ShenZhen Train Station, Luo Hu Station. It's next to the Luo Hu Commercial Centre.

For the first day in ShenZhen, we just explored around the city and to see how's the city is like.

you can see this happening along the streets of the city. People selling fruits and food along the streets or in front of hotels. The food and fruits are actually very cheap!

the city centre.

but one thing about ShenZhen is, the people normally don't obey the traffic lights. most of the cars and pedestrians just cross the roads according to their own timing thus causing all the jams sometimes in the middle of the road. :)

to be continued

Sunday, June 27, 2010


hi there people, after 10 days plus of inactivity, i am back from all the trips and vacations. hehe...after this will be pictures posting time.

overall, the trip to china was really great. I went to GuangZhou, Shenzhen and also Foshan. hehe...

but one thing is, China banned blogspot and Facebook!!! thus it is impossible for me to update live from China when i was there. LOL.

Taken in front of 5 rams statue in Yue Xiu Park, GuangZhou. :D

More pictures of my trips to Singapore, Cameron Highlands, Taiping, Kuala Sepetang, and China are coming up! hehe...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trips! a lot of them!

As a friend said to me :" wah, your June is really occupied! almost everyday is filled with activities!" cool huh? and yea, i enjoy all the travelling, especially with good friends before going into working life. :) enjoy first, suffer later huh?

Well, for this month, I have travelled to Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, Cameron and Singapore!

kuala sepetang for seafood

Taiping for the Lake Garden

Cameron Highlands for the cold weather and strawberries!

and yea, Singapore for more adventures and fun!

Don't worry, this is just a preview, more pictures will be uploaded really soon! (after i settle down i think. hehe...). and guess what, I am going to CHINA next week! Thank God for my friends and family and all His blessings! He is a wonderful God...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Yeay....finally, it's done.

Not just my final year project, but also my undergraduate years studies! fuh....5 years, has come to and end and it's the new start of another journey! Thank God for all His blessings! I am sure the next journey is going to be more interesting!

For the moment, just let me show you my final year project, the thing i have been working on for a year! hehe....


Quadruped Robot!

guess what it can do? walk lo...:) yea, it can perform crawling gait in real and also trotting gait in simulation. hehe...a lot of simulations and calculations involved, but thank God it's all done! hehee....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dress Shirts

I have just completed my studies and going into the working force soon. As an engineer, I would expect some of time spent in the office, thus I might need some office attire to fill in my cupboard.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find mens dress shirts anywhere in the supermarket or shopping malls. However, it is quite hard to find shirts that really suit individual’s taste and fashion opinions. Personally I have experienced that and I always find it difficult to find shirts that really suit me and also economical for me especially when comes to formal or office attire.

Therefore, I always wear back the same old shirt that I found accidentally at somewhere very long time ago. However, as I am going to work soon as an engineer, I think attire and appearances are very important for the career development.

Therefore, I start to look for ways to get shirts that would suit me and also economical to me. I tried tailoring but it was too expensive and finally I found another way that is to shop online for mens dress shirts.

Online shopping was better than I thought. They actually have a lot of choices and even categories that is appropriate for different occasions or celebrations. It was really cool and I actually like most of the designs. The most important thing is most of the costs of the shirts are very reasonable and is definitely economical to me. Besides, they always have a lot of promotions and a lot of sales going on.

So, if you are like me, do visit the online boutique or websites, you will find surprises that you could ever imagine. I think I am logging to the website now to order the shirts before all the promotions are over! All the best to you too!