Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food in Phuket

We were wandering nearby the resort we were staying and we discovered this restaurant that served some local thai food. The interesting thing about it was the walls were full with posters written in Mandarin, and most of them  were by Malaysians. Haha...According to the owner, his mother was of Hong Kong Cantonese descent, and his wife was pure Thai. 

Anyway, the pork leg rice and the mango sticky rice were spectacular! The pineapple fried rice was not bad too, the presentation was interesting. haha..

Pork Leg Rice

 Mango Sticky rice

Pineapple fried rice

 the posters with Mandarin hand writings

and there was another Malaysian couple eating when we were there. haha...note the posters on the wall behind them. :D

The total cost was around RM 30, kinda expensive I guess but the food was really great, especially the mango sticky rice! :D

After the trip to the view points, we went to the seafood restaurants at the Rawai beach at the southeast of Phuket. There was a whole street of seafood restaurants and you could actually choose the seafood for them to cook. By the time we reached there was around 7pm, so it was kinda late but most of the restaurants were open. We were told by a friend that he went at 2pm and he was able to catch the fishermen returning from their fishing trip. So he was able to get the freshest seafood from the fishermen and asked one of the restaurants to cook for him. Maybe I should try that next time. :P

steamed fish, very fresh and huge. I can't remember the name though, lol... 

Tom yam soup 

Squid with green curry

Total cost around RM45 for the seafood. Quite cheap i guess considering the fish was huge. LOL..