Thursday, November 8, 2012

Racha (Raya) Island, Phuket Thailand

I think my favourite place during this Phuket trip was the Racha (Raya) Island. First of all it was not polluted and it was not too commercialized. Even though there was a luxurious resort - The Racha, but the rest of the island was still pretty much original. :) Secondly, the place was breathtakingly beautiful. :P

upon arrival...

Life guard: "I am watching sir! Don't worry about safety, just have fun!"

Prepare to dive! i mean jump in the sea...

look like a private beach..surrounded, undisturbed. This is the seaside outside of The Racha. I didn't stay there of course, just went there to enjoy the beach. LOL...

snap snap..

guess where I took the picture? Yes, middle of the sea. :P

another shot. That's The Racha

me! look at the water! soooo clear, like the pool water. 

another side of the island

speedboat awaits...

the handsome guy.

the floating bridge

did you see the crab?

blue sky, blue water. I could stay here for a long time.

Can't get enough of the pictures. The water is just so clear!

Leaving soon, sad. :(

The jetty, where everyone parks. :) End of the day trip. Time to go back to the land. 

Next up, view points on Phuket Island.


reana claire said...

Looks so nice, Gab!! Now you can fly anywhere.. right?

wenn said...

lovely shots! I missed the place! was there many years ago!

Gabriel said...

Aunty Claire: haha...the only real vacation this year. :D

Wenn: Thanks! yeah it was a great place.

rehabgad1 said...

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