Friday, December 7, 2012

Working Life

As a field engineer working at the side is a good way to gain hands-on experience especially when there are various operations going on. Sometimes, when things go wrong, that would be the best time to learn the most despite all the yelling and scolding. Nonetheless, no one ever says learning is a pleasant process right?

However, when there’s nothing going on and you are done with all the paper work, boredom will set in very quickly without you realizing how to react to it. At this time, most of the guys will bring out their movies to watch, some take out their books and there are also some of them starting up their computer games to play. But recently, I met one of the colleagues that uses the time to check on his own investments through online Forex or virtual stock exchange machine. He did not have very aggressive investments but mostly quite passive investments, which is a good thing as working in this field simply means you don’t have fixed time for yourself. So the way he does it is very beneficial as he does not need a lot of time to monitor his investments and I always think it is good for someone to have certain investments besides hardcore savings on daily basis.

Probably I should start to learn from him, and manage most of my investments online!

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